path: root/lib/librte_net
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-25net: fix build with gcc 4.4.7 and strict aliasingDaniel Mrzyglod
2015-06-23lib: remove extra parenthesis after returnFerruh Yigit
2015-04-23net: remove unneeded includeBruce Richardson
2015-04-13ixgbe: add LRO supportVlad Zolotarov
2015-02-20net: change arp header struct declarationMaciej Gajdzica
2015-01-15bond: fix vlan flag interpretationDeclan Doherty
2014-12-17net: fix IPv6 checksumKonstantin Ananyev
2014-12-11net: fix build with gcc 4.4.7 and strict aliasingMichael Qiu
2014-11-27net: fix conflict with libcThomas Monjalon
2014-11-26mbuf: generic support for TCP segmentation offloadOlivier Matz
2014-11-26net: new checksum functionsOlivier Matz
2014-06-11remove trailing whitespacesBruce Richardson
2014-05-16app/testpmd: add engine that replies to ARP and ICMP echo requestsIvan Boule
2014-02-25update Intel copyright years to 2014Bruce Richardson
2013-10-09doc: whitespace changes in licensesIntel
2013-09-17examples/ip_reassembly: initial importIntel
2013-07-25update copyright date to 2013Intel
2013-07-05remove version in all filesIntel
2013-03-11first public releasev1.2.3r0Intel