path: root/lib/librte_hash
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-10hash: retrieve a key given its positionYari Adan Petralanda
2016-06-24hash: add scalable multi-writer insertion with Intel TSXWei Shen
2016-04-20hash: remove aliases for bulk lookupThomas Monjalon
2016-04-06hash: fix race condition at creationOlivier Matz
2016-04-06hash: fix allocation of an existing objectOlivier Matz
2016-04-01hash: fix multi-process supportPablo de Lara
2016-04-01hash: use common x86 flagPablo de Lara
2016-04-01hash: fix typo in commentPablo de Lara
2016-03-01hash: fix CRC32c computationDidier Pallard
2016-02-21hash: fix header for C++Thomas Monjalon
2016-02-10remove extra parentheses in return statementHuawei Xie
2015-12-09hash: fix build on IBM POWER and ARMChao Zhu
2015-12-07hash: customize compare functionYu Nemo Wenbin
2015-12-06hash: remove duplicated exported symbolPablo de Lara
2015-11-25hash: select CRC hash if armv8-a CRC extension availableJerin Jacob
2015-11-25hash: use armv8-a CRC32 instructionsJerin Jacob
2015-11-25hash: replace libc memcmp with optimized functions for arm64Jerin Jacob
2015-11-04hash: fix incorrect lookup if key is all zeroPablo de Lara
2015-11-04hash: fix scaling by reducing contentionPablo de Lara
2015-11-04hash: free internal ring when freeing hashPablo de Lara
2015-09-09hash: fix memory allocation of cuckoo key tablePablo de Lara
2015-09-04hash: remove deprecated function and macrosPablo de Lara
2015-07-30hash: fix build of toeplitz algorithm without SSE3Vladimir Medvedkin
2015-07-28hash: fix crash when adding already inserted keysXavier Simonart
2015-07-22hash: move struct field to keep ABI stablePablo de Lara
2015-07-18hash: fix build for non-x86 archPablo de Lara
2015-07-16hash: fix build without SSE4.1Pablo de Lara
2015-07-16hash: fix build with gcc 4.4 and 4.5Pablo de Lara
2015-07-16hash: fix out of bounds array accessPablo de Lara
2015-07-16mem: move librte_malloc to eal/commonSergio Gonzalez Monroy
2015-07-13hash: rename unused fieldBruce Richardson
2015-07-13hash: check SSE flags only on x86 buildsCyril Chemparathy
2015-07-13hash: add iterate functionPablo de Lara
2015-07-13hash: allow to store data in hash tablePablo de Lara
2015-07-13hash: add reset functionPablo de Lara
2015-07-12hash: replace with cuckoo hash implementationPablo de Lara
2015-07-10hash: hide structure from header and make it internalPablo de Lara
2015-07-09hash: fix build on non-x86 archBruce Liu
2015-07-01hash: add toeplitz algorithm used by RSSVladimir Medvedkin
2015-07-01hash: add missing symbol in version mapPablo de Lara
2015-06-24hash: silence warning on pointer arithmeticCyril Chemparathy
2015-06-16hash: fix typo in jhash commentsThomas Monjalon
2015-06-16hash: rename a jhash functionPablo de Lara
2015-06-16hash: remove duplicated codePablo de Lara
2015-06-16hash: add new jhash functionsPablo de Lara
2015-06-16hash: update jhash function with the latest availablePablo de Lara
2015-06-12lib: fix whitespaceStephen Hemminger
2015-03-26hash: fix strict-aliasing for CRCYerden Zhumabekov
2015-03-23hash: fix crc32 error when built for i686 and run in x86_64Michael Qiu
2015-03-10tailq: move to dynamic tailqDavid Marchand