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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-07-28ethdev: fix documentation for queue start/stopNikhil Rao
2016-07-22ethdev: fix overwriting driver-specific statsRemy Horton
2016-07-10ethdev: fix xstats id mismatchRemy Horton
2016-07-10ethdev: get registers widthZyta Szpak
2016-07-01ethdev: clarify API of packet types supportOlivier Matz
2016-07-01ethdev: remove redundant id field in xstats name lookupRemy Horton
2016-07-01ethdev: fix extended statistics descriptionThomas Monjalon
2016-06-30ethdev: remove duplicated symbol from .mapFerruh Yigit
2016-06-30ethdev: fix typo in a commentRami Rosen
2016-06-27net/ixgbe: fix single VLAN tag to be outer VLAN tagBeilei Xing
2016-06-24net/i40e: fix single VLAN tag to be outer VLAN tagBeilei Xing
2016-06-15net/i40e: support MTU configurationBeilei Xing
2016-06-22ethdev: fix doxygen formattingHiroyuki Mikita
2016-06-22ethdev: align device structure with cache lineJerin Jacob
2016-06-22ethdev: add RSS RETA size constant 256Jerin Jacob
2016-06-22ethdev: add tunnel and port RSS offload typesJerin Jacob
2016-06-16ethdev: get port by nameReshma Pattan
2016-06-16ethdev: get queues numbersReshma Pattan
2016-06-16ethdev: insert Rx callback as head of listReshma Pattan
2016-06-16ethdev: protect Rx/Tx callback change with locksReshma Pattan
2016-06-16ethdev: remove name from extended statistic fetchRemy Horton
2016-06-16ethdev: fetch extended statistics with integer idsRemy Horton
2016-06-15ethdev: clarify the origin of mbufsOlivier Matz
2016-05-24ethdev: use dedicated macro to check port idMauricio Vasquez B
2016-04-20ethdev: remove deprecated statisticsThomas Monjalon
2016-04-07ethdev: fix unchecked return valueSlawomir Mrozowicz
2016-04-06ethdev: refine API to query supported packet typesJianfeng Tan
2016-04-06ethdev: fix xstats retrieval with a null arrayOlivier Matz
2016-04-01ethdev: add 100G link speedThomas Monjalon
2016-04-01ethdev: convert speed number to bitmap flagMarc Sune
2016-04-01ethdev: redesign link speed configMarc Sune
2016-04-01ethdev: add speed capabilitiesMarc Sune
2016-04-01ethdev: rename link speed constantsMarc Sune
2016-04-01ethdev: use constants for link duplexMarc Sune
2016-04-01ethdev: use constants for link stateThomas Monjalon
2016-03-30ethdev: fix comments for filtersJingjing Wu
2016-03-25ethdev: fix possibly incorrect maximum queuesPablo de Lara
2016-03-25ethdev: add fields to flow director inputJingjing Wu
2016-03-25i40evf: support reporting PF resetJingjing Wu
2016-03-25ethdev: add queue state change event typeTetsuya Mukawa
2016-03-25ethdev: query supported packet typesJianfeng Tan
2016-03-23ethdev: fix xstats size query with NULLStephen Hemminger
2016-03-16bonding: fix detach of slave devicesBernard Iremonger
2016-03-13ethdev: add IP in GRE tunnelXutao Sun
2016-03-13ethdev: rework tunnel filtering structureXutao Sun
2016-03-13ixgbe: offload VxLAN and NVGRE Rx checksum on X550Wenzhuo Lu
2016-03-13ethdev: rename UDP tunnel port functionsWenzhuo Lu
2016-03-11ethdev: support L2 tunnel operationsWenzhuo Lu
2016-03-11ethdev: add vlan type when setting ether typeHelin Zhang
2016-03-11ethdev: add buffered TxTomasz Kulasek