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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
18 hoursraw/ifpga/base: expose SEU errorTianfei Zhang
18 hoursraw/ifpga/base: clear pending bitTianfei Zhang
18 hoursraw/ifpga/base: support IRQTianfei Zhang
18 hoursnet/i40e: support ipn3ke FPGA port bondingAndy Pei
18 hoursnet/mlx5: fix vport id in port id actionViacheslav Ovsiienko
18 hoursnet/mlx5: fix environment variable recoveryViacheslav Ovsiienko
18 hoursnet/ice: add SPDX tagYahui Cao
18 hoursnet/ice: ignore error when removing RSS ruleQi Zhang
18 hoursnet/ice: fix RSS flow destroySimei Su
18 hoursnet/bnxt: fix null dereference in Rx stopAjit Khaparde
18 hoursnet/bnxt: fix log message levelVenkat Duvvuru
18 hoursnet/bnxt: fix crash in xstats getAjit Khaparde
18 hoursnet/bnxt: fix flow creation with non-consecutive group idsRahul Gupta
18 hoursnet/bnxt: limit queue count for NS3/Stingray devicesSomnath Kotur
18 hoursnet/bnxt: add checks for firmware resetKalesh AP
18 hoursnet/mlx5: fix layer bits to be uniqueXiaoyu Min
18 hoursnet/mlx5: fix verbs flow counter queryDekel Peled
18 hoursnet/mlx5: fix getting Rx queue typeDekel Peled
18 hoursnet/mlx5: fix suffix flow creation in metadata splitViacheslav Ovsiienko
18 hoursnet/mlx5: revert default rules amount optimizationMatan Azrad
18 hoursnet/ice: fix wild pointerShougang Wang
18 hoursnet/ice: fix flow director counter resource releaseShougang Wang
18 hoursnet/ice: fix flow director profile removalShougang Wang
18 hoursnet/ice: fix memzone reserve and release in flow directorShougang Wang
18 hoursnet/ice/base: fix switch programming for IPv6Wei Zhao
18 hoursnet/i40e: fix clang build with 16B descriptorsBruce Richardson
18 hoursnet/iavf: fix Tx checksum offload in AVX pathLeyi Rong
18 hoursnet/ice/base: fix TCAM entry managementQi Zhang
18 hoursnet/i40e: fix hotplug removeChenxu Di
18 hoursnet/ixgbe: fix hotplug removeChenxu Di
18 hoursnet/ice: fix crash with wrong packageSimei Su
18 hoursnet/ice: fix link status recoveryQiming Yang
18 hoursnet/ice: fix RSS rule destroySimei Su
18 hoursnet/mlx5: fix check of RSS queue indexDekel Peled
18 hoursnet/mlx5: fix query host adapter attributesViacheslav Ovsiienko
23 hourscrypto/openssl: support in-place scatter gatherAkhil Goyal
7 daysbus/pci: align next mapping address on page boundaryWangyu (Eric)
9 daysnet/mlx5: set maximum LRO packet sizeDekel Peled
10 daysnet/dpaa2: fix Rx offload flags on jumbo MTU setSachin Saxena
10 daysnet/mlx5: set VF MAC address from hostRaslan Darawsheh
10 daysdrivers/net: update Rx RSS hash offload capabilitiesPavan Nikhilesh
10 daysdoc: add ice PMD in doxygenHaiyue Wang
10 daysnet/ice: optimize protocol extraction by dynamic mbufHaiyue Wang
10 daysnet/mlx5: optimize tag traversal with hash listBing Zhao
10 daysnet/mlx5: reorganize flow matcher resourcesBing Zhao
10 daysnet/mlx5: reorganize jump table resourcesBing Zhao
10 daysnet/mlx5: reorganize flow tables with hash listBing Zhao
10 daysnet/mlx5: control transmit doorbell register mappingViacheslav Ovsiienko
10 daysnet/failsafe: support xstatsStephen Hemminger
10 daysnet/ice: free HW tables when device closedQi Zhang