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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-05net/mlx4: change device reference for secondary processYongseok Koh
2019-04-05net/mlx5: sync stop/start with secondary processYongseok Koh
2019-04-05net/mlx5: rework PMD global data initYongseok Koh
2019-04-05net/mlx5: replace IPC socket with EAL APIYongseok Koh
2019-04-05net/mlx5: fix memory event on secondary processYongseok Koh
2019-04-05net/mlx5: fix errno typos in commentsDekel Peled
2019-04-05net/mlx5: revert mbuf address calculation for x86Yongseok Koh
2019-04-05raw/dpaa2_qdma: support non prefetch modeHemant Agrawal
2019-04-05raw/dpaa2: remove logs from datapathNipun Gupta
2019-04-05raw/dpaa2_qdma: support RBP modeHemant Agrawal
2019-04-05raw/dpaa2_qdma: support burst modeHemant Agrawal
2019-04-05raw/dpaa2_qdma: fix to support multiprocess executionShreyansh Jain
2019-04-05raw/dpaa2_qdma: remove experimental tag from APIsHemant Agrawal
2019-04-04net/dpaa2: update MC firmware version for FSLMC busShreyansh Jain
2019-04-04bus/fslmc: cleanup unused firmware codeShreyansh Jain
2019-04-04replace snprintf with strlcpyBruce Richardson
2019-04-04replace snprintf with strlcpy without adding extra includeBruce Richardson
2019-04-04net/bonding: fix buffer length when printing stringsBruce Richardson
2019-04-04drivers: remove Linux EAL from include pathDavid Marchand
2019-04-04mempool/stack: add lock-free stack mempool handlerGage Eads
2019-04-04mempool/stack: use stack libraryGage Eads
2019-04-02compress/isal: fix getting information about CPUTomasz Cel
2019-04-02drivers/qat: fix queue pair NUMA nodeTomasz Jozwiak
2019-04-02compress/isal: add appropriate flag on overflowLee Daly
2019-04-02crypto/openssl: set RSA private op feature flagAyuj Verma
2019-04-02crypto/dpaa2_sec: support multi-processAkhil Goyal
2019-04-02crypto/dpaa_sec: fix session queue attach/detachAkhil Goyal
2019-04-02crypto/dpaa2_sec: remove unnecessary flc configurationsAkhil Goyal
2019-04-02drivers/crypto: update inline desc for sharing modeAkhil Goyal
2019-04-02crypto/dpaa2_sec: fix offset calculation for GCMAkhil Goyal
2019-04-02crypto/dpaa2_sec: fix session clearingAkhil Goyal
2019-04-02compress/qat: add dynamic SGL allocationTomasz Jozwiak
2019-04-02crypto/aesni_mb: support newer library version onlyFan Zhang
2019-04-02crypto/aesni_mb: enable out of place processingFan Zhang
2019-04-02crypto/qat: add modular multiplicative inverseArek Kusztal
2019-04-02crypto/qat: add modular exponentiationArek Kusztal
2019-04-02crypto/qat: add asymmetric crypto PMDArek Kusztal
2019-04-02common/qat: add headers for asymmetric cryptoArek Kusztal
2019-04-02compress/isal: fix compression stream initializationTomasz Cel
2019-04-02event/sw: fix enqueue checks in self-testHarry van Haaren
2019-04-03build: add workarounds for Windows helloworldAnand Rawat
2019-03-29net/softnic: support QinQ PPPoE encapsulationNemanja Marjanovic
2019-03-29net/e1000: set min and max MTUIan Stokes
2019-03-29net/ixgbe: set min and max MTU for VFIan Stokes
2019-03-29net/ixgbe: set min and max MTUIan Stokes
2019-03-29net/i40e: set min and max MTU for VFIan Stokes
2019-03-29net/i40e: set min and max MTUIan Stokes
2019-03-29net/ice: fix speed capabilityChenmin Sun
2019-03-29net/virtio: remove useless conditionStephen Hemminger
2019-03-29net/netvsc: remove useless conditionStephen Hemminger