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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-12-15i40e: fix flow director index signJingjing Wu
2015-12-15i40e: fix max frame sizeJingjing Wu
2015-12-15ixgbe: restore imissed stat counterRobin Jarry
2015-12-14bonding: fix reordering of IP fragmentsAndriy Berestovskyy
2015-12-14bonding: fix LACP mempool sizeAndriy Berestovskyy
2015-12-13bnx2x: add versionRasesh Mody
2015-12-13bnx2x: fix 32-bit buildRasesh Mody
2015-12-13bnx2x: fix build on FreeBSDRasesh Mody
2015-12-13bnx2x: add license fileRasesh Mody
2015-12-13bnx2x: add periodic debug optionHarish Patil
2015-12-13bnx2x: fix build with clangHarish Patil
2015-12-13bnx2x: update VF to support newer PF driversHarish Patil
2015-12-13bnx2x: skip Rx producer refresh when no packetRasesh Mody
2015-12-13bnx2x: fix Tx error checkRasesh Mody
2015-12-13bnx2x: fix restartChas Williams
2015-12-12cxgbe: fix Rx queue setup error managementRahul Lakkireddy
2015-12-12xenvirt: fix build for 32-bit platformHuawei Xie
2015-12-10af_packet: set input port in mbufPavel Krauz
2015-12-10i40e: fix filtering with vlan inputHelin Zhang
2015-12-09virtio: fix wrong queue indexYuanhan Liu
2015-12-09bnx2x: fix double init checkChas Williams
2015-12-08nfp: add link status interruptAlejandro Lucero
2015-12-08nfp: add basic featuresAlejandro Lucero
2015-12-08nfp: add link status updateAlejandro Lucero
2015-12-08nfp: add statisticsAlejandro Lucero
2015-12-08nfp: add RSSAlejandro Lucero
2015-12-08nfp: add Rx and TxAlejandro Lucero
2015-12-08nfp: introduce driver initializationAlejandro Lucero
2015-12-08mk: fix external shared library dependencies of driversPanu Matilainen
2015-12-07replace bzero with memsetStephen Hemminger
2015-12-07remove blank lines at end-of-fileStephen Hemminger
2015-12-07remove double semicolonsStephen Hemminger
2015-12-07ethdev: fix reset of Rx mbuf allocation failuresIgor Ryzhov
2015-12-07bonding: fix link state interrupt flagBernard Iremonger
2015-12-07virtio: fix link state interruptBernard Iremonger
2015-12-07virtio: clean up Tx space checksStephen Hemminger
2015-12-07virtio: fix Rx mbuf initializationStephen Hemminger
2015-12-07bnx2x: set ethernet address type during VF TxChas Williams
2015-12-07bnx2x: fix little endian conversion in TxChas Williams
2015-12-07cxgbe: use explicit PCI driver structureStephen Hemminger
2015-12-07i40evf: fix MAC deletion when stoppingJingjing Wu
2015-12-07i40e: fix flex payload maskAndrey Chilikin
2015-12-07ixgbe: fix Tx bytes statistics with link downHarry van Haaren
2015-12-06mk: fix shared library dependencies of driversPanu Matilainen
2015-12-06eal: fix build with Xen dom0 enabledThomas Monjalon
2015-12-03bonding: add depencency on cmdline libraryStephen Hemminger
2015-11-27drivers: fix constant suffix for 32-bit platformsMichael Qiu
2015-11-27fm10k: log Rx and Tx functions in useChen Jing D(Mark)
2015-11-27fm10k: fix Rx function selectionChen Jing D(Mark)
2015-11-27i40evf: fix RSS key configurationHelin Zhang