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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-04-10xenvirt: fix 32-bit buildPablo de Lara
2016-04-08ixgbe: fix packet type for VXLAN and NVGRE on X550Wenzhuo Lu
2016-04-07vhost: enable guest notification only on enabled queuesRich Lane
2016-04-06cryptodev: rename elements for clarityFiona Trahe
2016-04-06aesni_gcm: fix supported key sizesPablo de Lara
2016-04-06vhost: fix retrieval of numa node in driverCiara Loftus
2016-04-06ena: fix build with iccFerruh Yigit
2016-04-06i40e: fix TSOZhe Tao
2016-04-06i40evf: fix link info updateJingjing Wu
2016-04-06igb: fix i350 VF RxWenzhuo Lu
2016-04-06virtio: use zeroed memory for simple Tx headerRich Lane
2016-04-01ethdev: add 100G link speedThomas Monjalon
2016-04-01ethdev: redesign link speed configMarc Sune
2016-04-01ethdev: add speed capabilitiesMarc Sune
2016-04-01ethdev: rename link speed constantsMarc Sune
2016-04-01ethdev: use constants for link duplexMarc Sune
2016-04-01ethdev: use constants for link stateThomas Monjalon
2016-04-01bonding: fix loop boundary conditionVladyslav Buslov
2016-04-01bonding: fix link detect in non-interrupt modeNelson Escobar
2016-03-31qat: add out-of-place symmetric operationsArek Kusztal
2016-03-31qat: fix crash when nothing to enqueueFiona Trahe
2016-03-31drivers: fix build of crypto anonymous union initializationFiona Trahe
2016-03-31vmxnet3: remove asserts that confuse coverityStephen Hemminger
2016-03-31ixgbe: fix uninitialized warningAaron Conole
2016-03-31ixgbe: fix VLAN filter missing bracketsAaron Conole
2016-03-31ixgbe: fix constant sign in left shift operatorAaron Conole
2016-03-31igb: fix constant sign in left shift operatorAaron Conole
2016-03-31e1000: fix missing link interrupt check bracketsAaron Conole
2016-03-31e1000: suppress misleading indentation warningAaron Conole
2016-03-31fm10k: fix RSS reset during initializationMichael Frasca
2016-03-31vmxnet3: fix Tx flags checkYong Wang
2016-03-31nfp: fix PCI device info retrievalStephen Hemminger
2016-03-31mlx5: fix RETA table sizeYaacov Hazan
2016-03-31mlx: fix double mbuf free in Tx queue clean upAdrien Mazarguil
2016-03-31i40e: fix crash on DCB queryJingjing Wu
2016-03-31i40e: fix typo in flow director commentRami Rosen
2016-03-30ixgbe: fail if too many queues for interruptWang Xiao W
2016-03-30ixgbe/base: fix VF multi-queueWenzhuo Lu
2016-03-30enic: expose Rx missed packets counterJohn Daley
2016-03-30enic: fix link state changeJohn Daley
2016-03-30enic: fix Tx hang when number of packets > queue sizeJohn Daley
2016-03-30ena: fix FreeBSD buildDaniel Mrzyglod
2016-03-30ena: fix build with iccDaniel Mrzyglod
2016-03-25app/testpmd: fix build on FreeBSDMarvin Liu
2016-03-25i40e: fix using memory after freeJiangu Zhao
2016-03-25bonding: use existing enslaved device queuesEric Kinzie
2016-03-25igb: fix crash with offload on 82575Olivier Matz
2016-03-25mlx4: use dummy Rx queues when non-pow2 number requestedOlivier Matz
2016-03-25ixgbe: fix tunnelling support for X550em_aWenzhuo Lu
2016-03-25ixgbe: fix timer support for X550emWenzhuo Lu