path: root/drivers/raw
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysraw/octeontx2_ep: fix shared libraryThomas Monjalon
4 daysraw/ntb: fix write memory barrierXiaoyun Li
4 daysraw/octeontx2_ep: add driver self testMahipal Challa
4 daysraw/octeontx2_ep: add dequeue operationMahipal Challa
4 daysraw/octeontx2_ep: add enqueue operationMahipal Challa
4 daysraw/octeontx2_ep: add device uninitializationMahipal Challa
4 daysraw/octeontx2_ep: add device configurationMahipal Challa
4 daysraw/octeontx2_ep: add build infra and device probeMahipal Challa
6 daysnet/ipn3ke: fix meson buildBruce Richardson
2019-11-28drivers: update copyright for NXP filesSachin Saxena
2019-11-26remove blank lines at end of fileStephen Hemminger
2019-11-20build: align symbols with global ABI versionPawel Modrak
2019-11-20build: remove individual library versionsAnatoly Burakov
2019-11-20raw/ifpga: introduce IRQ functionsTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: support multiple cardsTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga: support lightweight FPGA imageAndy Pei
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: get board infoTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: clean FME errorsTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: configure FEC modeTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: support max10 security featureTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20net/ipn3ke: remove configuration for i40e port bondingRosen Xu
2019-11-20raw/ifpga: scan PCIe BDF device treeRosen Xu
2019-11-20raw/ifpga: add SEU error handlerRosen Xu
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: update SEU register definitionTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: introduce sensor functionsTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: support sensorTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: align send buffer for SPITianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: support device treeTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: expose SEU errorTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: clear pending bitTianfei Zhang
2019-11-20raw/ifpga/base: support IRQTianfei Zhang
2019-11-08raw/dpaa2_qdma: support route by port in DMANipun Gupta
2019-11-06raw/dpaa2_cmdif: add retry and timeout in packet enqueue APINipun Gupta
2019-11-06raw/dpaa2_qdma: add retry and timeout in packet enqueue APINipun Gupta
2019-10-30raw/ioat: support xstats resetCiara Power
2019-10-27raw/ioat: fix initial ring size checkCiara Power
2019-10-27raw/ioat: fix device state after testCiara Power
2019-10-25raw/ifpga/base: fix dereference before null checkTianfei Zhang
2019-10-23common/dpaax: move OF library from DPAA busHemant Agrawal
2019-10-24raw/ifpga: remove unneeded compiler flagsBruce Richardson
2019-10-21raw/ntb: add enqueue and dequeue functionsXiaoyun Li
2019-10-21raw/ntb: support xstatsXiaoyun Li
2019-10-21raw/ntb: setup queuesXiaoyun Li
2019-10-09remove useless include of EAL memory config headerDavid Marchand
2019-09-12drivers: add some reasons for meson disablingThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06raw/ntb: fix null pointer dereferenceXiaoyun Li
2019-07-30drivers/raw: standardize namingBruce Richardson
2019-07-30drivers/raw: remove rawdev from directory namesBruce Richardson
2019-07-23raw/ioat: fix include quotesBruce Richardson
2019-07-23raw/dpaa2_cmdif: remove redundant declarationStephen Hemminger