path: root/drivers/net/qede/qede_rxtx.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-12net/qede: fix VXLAN tunnel Tx offload flag settingHarish Patil
2017-06-12net/qede: refactoring multi-queue implementationHarish Patil
2017-06-12net/qede: refactoring vport handling codeHarish Patil
2017-04-28net/qede: fix CFLAGS for base filesRasesh Mody
2017-04-28net/qede/base: fix code flow and remove unused codeRasesh Mody
2017-04-28net/qede: use new stripped VLAN mbuf flagsHarish Patil
2017-04-28net/qede: fix possible uninitialized pointerHarish Patil
2017-04-28net/qede: fix LRO handlingHarish Patil
2017-04-28net/qede: fix fastpath rings reset phaseHarish Patil
2017-04-04net/qede: prevent crash while changing MTU dynamicallyHarish Patil
2017-04-04net/qede: fix VF RSS configurationHarish Patil
2017-04-04net/qede: support LRO/TSO offloadsHarish Patil
2017-04-04net/qede/base: make L2 queues handle basedRasesh Mody
2017-01-30drivers/net: remove redundant new line from logsFerruh Yigit
2017-01-18net/qede: use I/O device memory read/write APISantosh Shukla
2017-01-17net/qede: fix PF fastpath status block indexHarish Patil
2017-01-17net/qede: fix minimum buffer size and scatter Rx checkHarish Patil
2017-01-17net/qede: fix scatter-gatherHarish Patil
2017-01-17net/qede: add new host ring type optionRasesh Mody
2017-01-17net/qede: fix RSSHarish Patil
2017-01-17net/qede: add fastpath support for VXLAN tunnelingHarish Patil
2016-10-26net/qede: add queue statisticsRasesh Mody
2016-10-26net/qede: fix status block index for VF queuesHarish Patil
2016-10-26net/qede/base: change queue startRasesh Mody
2016-10-26net/qede: support scatter gatherSony Chacko
2016-10-26net/qede: fix RSSHarish Patil
2016-10-26net/qede: enable and disable VLAN filteringHarish Patil
2016-10-26net/qede/base: allow MTU changeHarish Patil
2016-10-26net/qede: fix port (re)configurationHarish Patil
2016-10-26net/qede: support unequal number of Rx/Tx queuesSony Chacko
2016-07-01mempool: rename functions with confusing namesBruce Richardson
2016-06-23net/qede: support RSS hash configurationSony Chacko
2016-05-17mbuf: add raw allocation functionOlivier Matz
2016-05-06qede: add L2 supportRasesh Mody
2016-05-06qede: add core driverRasesh Mody