path: root/drivers/net/ixgbe/ixgbe_ethdev.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysnet/ixgbe: fix MACsec settingGuinan Sun
2019-06-14net/ixgbevf: add full link status check optionHaiyue Wang
2019-05-24net: add rte prefix to ether definesOlivier Matz
2019-03-29net/ixgbe: set min and max MTUIan Stokes
2019-03-08net/ixgbe: support VF promiscuous by PF driverWei Zhao
2019-03-01net/ixgbe: support loopback for X540/X550Julien Meunier
2018-12-13net/ixgbe: fix overwriting RSS RETAXiaoyun Li
2018-07-03net/ixgbe: fix tunnel type set error for FDIRWei Zhao
2018-05-14net/ixgbevf: set the interrupt interval for EITRTonghao Zhang
2018-04-27net/ixgbe: add support for representor portsDeclan Doherty
2018-04-27ethdev: flatten RSS configuration in flow APIAdrien Mazarguil
2018-04-14net/ixgbe: support VLAN strip per queue offloading in PFWei Dai
2018-01-16net/ixgbe: move RSS to flow APIWei Zhao
2018-01-04drivers: use SPDX tag for Intel copyright filesBruce Richardson
2017-10-26pci: introduce library and driverGaetan Rivet
2017-10-26net/ixgbe: fix build without security libraryRadu Nicolau
2017-10-26net/ixgbe: enable inline IPsecRadu Nicolau
2017-10-06net/ixgbe: eliminate duplicate filterlist symbolsDavid Harton
2017-07-31net/ixgbe: support 2.5G and 5G on X550Wei Dai
2017-07-11net/ixgbe: support committing TM hierarchyWenzhuo Lu
2017-07-11net/ixgbe: support adding TM nodeWenzhuo Lu
2017-07-11net/ixgbe: support adding TM shaper profileWenzhuo Lu
2017-07-11net/ixgbe: support getting TM opsWenzhuo Lu
2017-07-09net/ixgbe: include PCI header directlyGaetan Rivet
2017-06-14fix typos using codespell utilityJerin Jacob
2017-06-12net/ixgbe: enable flex bytes for generic flow APIQi Zhang
2017-06-12ethdev: move bypass functions to ixgbe PMDRadu Nicolau
2017-06-12drivers/net: add generic ethdev macro to get PCI deviceFerruh Yigit
2017-04-28net/ixgbe: ensure link status is updatedLaurent Hardy
2017-04-19net/ixgbe: move private APIs to a specific fileWenzhuo Lu
2017-04-04net/ixgbe: allocate TC bandwidthBernard Iremonger
2017-04-04net/ixgbe: move MAC type check macrosWei Zhao
2017-04-04net/ixgbe: remove invalid declarationOlivier Matz
2017-03-30net/ixgbe: implement descriptor status APIOlivier Matz
2017-01-30net/ixgbe: fix blocked interruptsQi Zhang
2017-01-17net/ixgbe: flush all the filter listWei Zhao
2017-01-17net/ixgbe: destroy consistent filterWei Zhao
2017-01-17net/ixgbe: create consistent filterWei Zhao
2017-01-17net/ixgbe: parse flow director filterWei Zhao
2017-01-17net/ixgbe: flush all the filtersWei Zhao
2017-01-17net/ixgbe: store and restore L2 tunnel configurationWei Zhao
2017-01-17net/ixgbe: restore flow director filterWei Zhao
2017-01-17net/ixgbe: restore ether type filterWei Zhao
2017-01-17net/ixgbe: store L2 tunnel filterWei Zhao
2017-01-17net/ixgbe: store flow director filterWei Zhao
2017-01-17net/ixgbe: store TCP SYN filterWei Zhao
2017-01-15net/ixgbe: add MACsec offloadTiwei Bie
2017-01-04net/ixgbe: add Tx preparationTomasz Kulasek
2016-12-25ethdev: decouple from PCI deviceJan Blunck
2016-12-24net/ixgbe: localize mapping of ethdev to PCI deviceStephen Hemminger