path: root/drivers/bus/fslmc
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-16bus/fslmc: support scanned device countShreyansh Jain
2018-01-16net/dpaa2: optimize Tx path for best caseNipun Gupta
2018-01-16net/dpaa2: add parse function for LX2 deviceNipun Gupta
2018-01-16net/dpaa2: align the frame size in MTU setAshish Jain
2018-01-16bus/fslmc: add qman HW fq query count APIHemant Agrawal
2018-01-16bus/fslmc: add braces for pointers in macrosNipun Gupta
2018-01-16bus/fslmc: expose platform SoC value registerHemant Agrawal
2018-01-16net/dpaa2: advertise link status as driver flagHemant Agrawal
2018-01-16bus/fslmc: support dynamic IOVAHemant Agrawal
2018-01-16drivers: change the deprecated memseg physaddr to IOVAHemant Agrawal
2018-01-16bus/fslmc: fix the cplusplus macro closureHemant Agrawal
2018-01-12bus/fslmc: change EQCR stashing threshold to 1Nipun Gupta
2018-01-04drivers: use SPDX tag in NXP dpaa2 filesHemant Agrawal
2017-11-07bus/fslmc: set IOVA mode as physicalHemant Agrawal
2017-11-06mbuf: rename physical address to IOVASantosh Shukla
2017-10-26vfio: expose functionsGaetan Rivet
2017-10-25event/dpaa2: add queue parameter in processing callbackNipun Gupta
2017-10-24mk: do not generate LDLIBS from directory dependenciesOlivier Matz
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: add devices in sorted orderShreyansh Jain
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: improve debug log messagesHemant Agrawal
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: enable link status interruptHemant Agrawal
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: cleanup the dpaa2 interrupt supportHemant Agrawal
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: support check of dpbp presenceHemant Agrawal
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: support LX2160 platformAshish Jain
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: clean the QBMAN support codeHemant Agrawal
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: cleanup compat fileHemant Agrawal
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: remove unused funcs and align names in QBMANHemant Agrawal
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: enhance the QBMAN CENA modeHaiying Wang
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: support up to 32 frames in one volatile dequeueHaiying Wang
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: add QBMAN API to do enqueue with multiple framesHaiying Wang
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: remove the export for QBMAN versionHemant Agrawal
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: replace word copy with memcpy in QBMANHaiying Wang
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: update MC to 10.3.xShreyansh Jain
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: refactor scan and probe functionsShreyansh Jain
2017-10-06drivers: refactor DPAA2 object definitionShreyansh Jain
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: introduce new device type enumeratorShreyansh Jain
2017-10-06bus/fslmc: support only single group and containerShreyansh Jain
2017-07-19bus/fslmc: remove workaround for smmu mappingHemant Agrawal
2017-07-16drivers/dpaa2: remove duplicate includesStephen Hemminger
2017-07-14bus/fslmc: align object name log to real resource nameHemant Agrawal
2017-07-14bus/fslmc: set the dpaa2 device nameHemant Agrawal
2017-07-14bus/fslmc: fix debug buildHemant Agrawal
2017-07-11bus/fslmc: fix missing braceHemant Agrawal
2017-07-10update NXP copyright headersShreyansh Jain
2017-07-08bus: fix driver registrationThomas Monjalon
2017-07-08bus: simplify finding starting pointStephen Hemminger
2017-07-07bus/fslmc: enable portal interrupt handlingNipun Gupta
2017-07-07bus/fslmc: add interrupt enabling routineNipun Gupta
2017-07-07bus/fslmc: change argument to const to avoid warningNipun Gupta
2017-07-07bus/fslmc: add callback per queue to enableNipun Gupta