path: root/drivers/bus/dpaa/
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-20build: remove individual library versionsAnatoly Burakov
2019-10-23common/dpaax: move OF library from DPAA busHemant Agrawal
2019-10-24build: enable extra warnings with mesonBruce Richardson
2019-07-02drivers: add reasons for components being disabledBruce Richardson
2019-04-17build: increase readability via shortcut variablesBruce Richardson
2018-10-22mk: build with _GNU_SOURCE defined by defaultAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-16dpaa: enable dpaax libraryShreyansh Jain
2018-10-11eal: add bus pointer in device structureThomas Monjalon
2018-04-17drivers/dpaa: reduce meson dependency listsBruce Richardson
2018-03-15build: add meson support for dpaaX platformsHemant Agrawal