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2019-07-22eal: fix IOVA mode selection as VA for PCI driversDavid Marchand
2019-07-22sched: remove redundant macrosJasvinder Singh
2019-07-19doc: update compressdev guideAdam Dybkowski
2019-07-19cryptodev: make xform key pointer constantFan Zhang
2019-07-19doc: update compress-perf tool guideTomasz Jozwiak
2019-07-19app/compress-perf: add benchmark test caseTomasz Jozwiak
2019-07-19app/compress-perf: add --ptest optionTomasz Jozwiak
2019-07-19doc: add LBK to Marvell OCTEON TX2 guideJerin Jacob
2019-07-18doc: fix PDF build of bbdev prog guideThomas Monjalon
2019-07-16metrics: add function to deinitialise libraryHarman Kalra
2019-07-15kni: fix kernel crash with multi-segmentsYangchao Zhou
2019-07-15doc: update KNI guidesStephen Hemminger
2019-07-14common/octeontx2: support CNF95xx SoCNithin Dabilpuram
2019-07-11app/pdump: exit with primary processSuanming Mou
2019-07-10examples/power: add FIFO per core for JSON interfaceMarcin Hajkowski
2019-07-10doc: fix PDF build in octeontx2 guideThomas Monjalon
2019-07-10doc: add OCTEON TX2 in release notesJerin Jacob
2019-07-10doc: fix PDF buildThomas Monjalon
2019-07-08app/testpmd: match GRE key and present bitsXiaoyu Min
2019-07-08ethdev: add GRE key field to flow APIXiaoyu Min
2019-07-08net/mlx5: support matching on ICMP/ICMP6Xiaoyu Min
2019-07-08doc: add search engine for APIAideen McLoughlin
2019-07-08doc: add vdev doxygenAideen McLoughlin
2019-07-08doc: fix link about bifurcated model in Linux guideAli Alnubani
2019-07-08doc: fix a grammar mistake in rawdev guideXiaolong Ye
2019-07-07event/octeontx2: add Rx adapterPavan Nikhilesh
2019-07-08examples/packet_ordering: add stats per worker threadPhil Yang
2019-07-08ip_frag: remove IP checkum offload flagSunil Kumar Kori
2019-07-07mcslock: add MCS queued lock implementationPhil Yang
2019-07-05examples/ipsec-secgw: support header reconstructionFan Zhang
2019-07-05doc: update turbo_sw build steps in bbdev guideNicolas Chautru
2019-07-05baseband/turbo_sw: extend for 5GNicolas Chautru
2019-07-05doc: update bbdev guide for 5GNR operationsNicolas Chautru
2019-07-05bbdev: extend API for 5G FECNicolas Chautru
2019-07-05crypto/qat: extend support for digest-encrypted auth-cipherDamian Nowak
2019-07-05cryptodev: add digest encrypted feature flagDamian Nowak
2019-07-05examples/ipsec-secgw: support fragmentation and reassemblyKonstantin Ananyev
2019-07-05baseband/fpga_lte_fec: add driver for FEC on FPGANicolas Chautru
2019-07-05doc: update turbo_sw build steps in bbdev guideNicolas Chautru
2019-07-05ipsec: support multi-segment packetsKonstantin Ananyev
2019-07-05doc: clarify xform zeroing in crypto guideFiona Trahe
2019-07-05cryptodev: add feature flags to disableAnoob Joseph
2019-07-05doc: clarify data plane error handling in compressdevFiona Trahe
2019-07-05doc: fix grammar in prog guidesThierry Herbelot
2019-07-05doc: fix triplicated typo in prog guidesThierry Herbelot
2019-07-05doc: cleanup test removal in armv8 and openssl guidesThierry Herbelot
2019-07-05doc: update bnxt guideLance Richardson
2019-07-05net/mlx5: remove TCF supportMoti Haimovsky
2019-07-05net/octeontx2: support Rx interruptsHarman Kalra
2019-07-05net/octeontx2: add MTU set operationVamsi Attunuru