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2016-12-23doc: announce deprecation of legacy filter typesAdrien Mazarguil
2016-12-23doc: add generic flow API guideAdrien Mazarguil
2016-12-23ethdev: introduce generic flow APIAdrien Mazarguil
2016-12-20examples/ethtool: fix querying non-PCI devicesRemy Horton
2016-12-20doc: fix typo in testpmd guideRami Rosen
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2016-12-01log: do not drop debug logs at compile timeOlivier Matz
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2016-11-13doc: rearrange the high level indexJohn McNamara
2016-11-13doc: fix release notes for 16.11John McNamara
2016-11-13doc: announce ABI change for firmware version in ethdevQiming Yang
2016-11-13doc: announce API removal from ethdevBernard Iremonger
2016-11-13doc: announce API change for ethdev callbackBernard Iremonger
2016-11-13doc: announce API and ABI changes for bus in EALShreyansh Jain
2016-11-13doc: announce iomem and ioport removal from igb_uioJianfeng Tan
2016-11-12doc: add more tested environmentsYulong Pei
2016-11-12doc: add known issue with QATFiona Trahe
2016-11-12net/qede: fix speed capabilityHarish Patil
2016-11-11net/thunderx: support CN83xx devicesJerin Jacob
2016-11-11doc: add ARM profiling methodsJerin Jacob
2016-11-11doc: fix l3fwd mode selectionReshma Pattan
2016-11-11doc: postpone ABI changes for Tx prepareThomas Monjalon
2016-11-09doc: postpone ABI changes for mbufOlivier Matz
2016-11-07doc: add limitation for l3fwd-power samplePablo de Lara
2016-11-07doc: add VT-d/iommu settings for QATFiona Trahe
2016-11-07doc: remove Intel reference from multi-process guideJerin Jacob
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2016-11-07doc: add speed capabilities feature for mlx5Nelio Laranjeiro
2016-11-07doc: update release notes with enic changesJohn Daley