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2019-04-05doc: fix typos in testpmd user guideDekel Peled
2019-04-05doc: fix typos in mlx5 guideDekel Peled
2019-04-05doc: update LTS sectionKevin Traynor
2019-04-05doc: note validation and timeline required for stablesKevin Traynor
2019-04-05doc: fix ABI check script examplesDavid Marchand
2019-04-05doc: fix two typos in contributing guideRami Rosen
2019-04-05doc: fix links to doxygen and sphinx sitesDekel Peled
2019-04-04doc: bump NXP SDK support version for dpaa2Shreyansh Jain
2019-04-04mempool/stack: add lock-free stack mempool handlerGage Eads
2019-04-04stack: add lock-free implementationGage Eads
2019-04-04stack: introduce stack libraryGage Eads
2019-04-03doc: update supported algorithms in IPsec guideFan Zhang
2019-04-03doc: announce cryptodev xform API changeFan Zhang
2019-04-02doc: add IPsec library in release notesKonstantin Ananyev
2019-04-02crypto/openssl: set RSA private op feature flagAyuj Verma
2019-04-02cryptodev: add RSA private key feature flagAyuj Verma
2019-04-02compress/qat: add dynamic SGL allocationTomasz Jozwiak
2019-04-02crypto/aesni_mb: support newer library version onlyFan Zhang
2019-04-02crypto/aesni_mb: enable out of place processingFan Zhang
2019-04-02crypto/qat: add modular multiplicative inverseArek Kusztal
2019-04-02crypto/qat: add modular exponentiationArek Kusztal
2019-04-02crypto/qat: add asymmetric crypto PMDArek Kusztal
2019-04-02doc: announce ABI change for cryptodev configAnoob Joseph
2019-04-02app/eventdev: add option for global dequeue timeoutPavan Nikhilesh
2019-04-03hash: support lock-free extendable bucketDharmik Thakkar
2019-04-03doc: add guide for WindowsAnand Rawat
2019-04-02mem: do not use lockfiles for single file segments modeAnatoly Burakov
2019-03-29app/testpmd: make txonly mode generate multiple flowsYongseok Koh
2019-03-29ethdev: add min/max MTU to device infoStephen Hemminger
2019-03-29net/ice: enable RSS when device initQiming Yang
2019-03-29net/ice: add safe modeQiming Yang
2019-03-29net/ice: load OS default packageQiming Yang
2019-03-29app/testpmd: display/clear forwarding stats on demandDavid Marchand
2019-03-29net/ice: support vector AVX2 in TxWenzhuo Lu
2019-03-29net/ice: support Tx SSE vectorWenzhuo Lu
2019-03-29net/ice: support vector SSE in RxWenzhuo Lu
2019-03-30doc: announce deprecation of VFIO DMA map functionsShahaf Shuler
2019-03-30bus: introduce device level DMA memory mappingShahaf Shuler
2019-03-30vfio: allow DMA map to the default containerShahaf Shuler
2019-03-30kni: calculate MTU from mbuf sizeLiron Himi
2019-03-28service: fix parameter type for attributeNikhil Rao
2019-03-28ticketlock: introduce fair ticket based lockingJoyce Kong
2019-03-27doc: deprecate KNI ethtool supportFerruh Yigit
2019-03-27doc: add deprecation marker usageFerruh Yigit
2019-03-27doc: make RTE_NEXT_ABI optional in guidelinesFerruh Yigit
2019-03-27doc: clean ABI/API policy guideFerruh Yigit
2019-03-27doc: update DPDK LTS versionsKevin Traynor
2019-03-27doc: update cross Arm toolchain in Linux guideJoyce Kong
2019-03-26ci: introduce Travis builds for GitHub repositoriesMichael Santana
2019-03-22ipsec: support 3DES-CBCFan Zhang