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2017-05-07doc: add known issue about l3fwd-powerQiming Yang
2017-05-07doc: factorize overview table CSSThomas Monjalon
2017-05-07doc: fix list numbering in prog guideShreyansh Jain
2017-05-07doc: fix usertools path in guidesYong Wang
2017-05-07doc: explain zlib dependency for bnx2xRasesh Mody
2017-05-07doc: update mlx supported OFED and FWShahaf Shuler
2017-05-07doc: add kernel module restriction for VFQiming Yang
2017-05-06app/testpmd: configure event displayGaetan Rivet
2017-05-05vdev: remove eal prefixThomas Monjalon
2017-05-05pci: remove eal prefixThomas Monjalon
2017-05-01ethdev: retrieve xstats by IDKuba Kozak
2017-05-01ethdev: revert xstats by IDKuba Kozak
2017-05-01doc: revise sample testpmd flow commandsBernard Iremonger
2017-05-01examples/l2fwd-keepalive: add graceful exitRemy Horton
2017-05-01app/testpmd: load commands from file at runtimeAllain Legacy
2017-05-01app/testpmd: load commands from file at startupAllain Legacy
2017-05-01app/testpmd: add --bitrate-stats optionRemy Horton
2017-04-28doc: add limitation of AAD size to QAT guideArek Kusztal
2017-04-28doc: fix enic guide syntaxJohn Daley
2017-04-28doc: add SR-IOV configurations to enic guideJohn Daley
2017-04-28net/bnxt: add new device idsAjit Khaparde
2017-04-28doc: update mlx release notesShahaf Shuler
2017-05-01doc: add LSC and RMV interrupt to testpmd guideGaetan Rivet
2017-05-01doc: add device removal event to release notesGaetan Rivet
2017-05-01doc: fix missing backquotes in release notesGaetan Rivet
2017-05-01doc: correct the hugepage limitation on 32-bitQi Zhang
2017-05-01ethdev: fix incomplete items in flow APIAdrien Mazarguil
2017-04-21doc: fix flow validate commentsJohn Daley
2017-04-21doc: fix typo in PVP howtoMaxime Coquelin
2017-04-21app/testpmd: enable NUMA support by defaultBruce Richardson
2017-04-21net/mlx4: support device removal eventGaetan Rivet
2017-04-21ethdev: introduce device removal eventGaetan Rivet
2017-04-20ethdev: get xstats ID by nameKuba Kozak
2017-04-20ethdev: retrieve xstats by IDJacek Piasecki
2017-04-20doc: add NXP DPAA2 SECAkhil Goyal
2017-04-20examples/l2fwd-crypto: add cryptodev mask optionFan Zhang
2017-04-20crypto/scheduler: fix doxygen commentsFan Zhang
2017-04-20crypto/scheduler: support mode specific optionFan Zhang
2017-04-20eal/ppc: fix mmap for memory initializationChao Zhu
2017-04-19doc: update supported liquidio adaptersShijith Thotton
2017-04-19doc: add known igb_uio issue for i40eQiming Yang
2017-04-19doc: fix description on Intel VFsJingjing Wu
2017-04-19doc: add QinQ flow to testpmd guideBernard Iremonger
2017-04-19doc: add release note for i40e QinQ cloud filterBernard Iremonger
2017-04-19app/testpmd: add commands for packet type mappingQi Zhang
2017-04-19doc: cleanup testpmd section in dpaa2 guideShreyansh Jain
2017-04-19doc: refer PMD compile/test section from thunderx guideShijith Thotton
2017-04-19doc: refer PMD compile/test section from qede guideShijith Thotton
2017-04-19doc: refer PMD compile/test section from nfp guideShijith Thotton
2017-04-19doc: refer PMD compile/test section from liquidio guideShijith Thotton