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2016-07-28doc: announce API change in port libraryFan Zhang
2016-07-28doc: announce vhost-cuse removalYuanhan Liu
2016-07-28doc: announce ivshmem support removalThomas Monjalon
2016-07-28doc: announce ABI change for mbuf structureOlivier Matz
2016-07-28doc: announce ABI change for Tx preparationTomasz Kulasek
2016-07-28doc: announce renaming of ethdev libraryThomas Monjalon
2016-07-28doc: announce driver name changesPablo de Lara
2016-07-28doc: remove deprecation notice related to new flow typesRahul Lakkireddy
2016-07-28doc: add tested hardware and systems for 16.07Yulong Pei
2016-07-28doc: improve wording of new features in 16.07John McNamara
2016-07-28doc: update guide and release notes for mlx5Olga Shern
2016-07-28doc: fix path to testpmd appShreyansh Jain
2016-07-28doc: add known issue for promiscuous mode in i40e VFJeff Guo
2016-07-22unify tools namingThomas Monjalon
2016-07-22doc: update sphinx installation instructionsJohn McNamara
2016-07-22doc: fix sphinx highlighting warningsJohn McNamara
2016-07-22doc: fix release notes for 16.07John McNamara
2016-07-22doc: add cryptodev shared library version to release notesPablo de Lara
2016-07-22doc: add flow bifurcation howto on LinuxJingjing Wu
2016-07-22doc: add VM live migration imageBernard Iremonger
2016-07-22doc: add VM live migration howto with vhost-userBernard Iremonger
2016-07-22doc: add VF live migration imageBernard Iremonger
2016-07-22doc: add VF live migration howto with bonded virtioBernard Iremonger
2016-07-22doc: fix vhost setup in tep_termination guideMark Kavanagh
2016-07-22doc: note a pitfall on vhost reconnect featureYuanhan Liu
2016-07-22doc: update release notes and guide for enicJohn Daley
2016-07-22doc: fix macro name in mempool guideShreyansh Jain
2016-07-22net/virtio-user: fix inconsistent nameJianfeng Tan
2016-07-16doc: fix mailing list address typoJeff Shaw
2016-07-16doc: fix consumer/producer mixup in ring guideShreyansh Jain
2016-07-16doc: fix grammatical syntax in EAL guideShreyansh Jain
2016-07-16doc: add pdump shared library version to release notesReshma Pattan
2016-07-16doc: add pcap dependency note to pdump guideReshma Pattan
2016-07-16doc: fix default socket path names in pdump guideReshma Pattan
2016-07-16app/pdump: add command line options for socket pathsReshma Pattan
2016-07-11eal: remove PCI device ids header from doxygenDavid Marchand
2016-07-11examples/l3fwd: update usage and documentationBeilei Xing
2016-07-05doc: explain virtio Rx/Tx functionsZhihong Wang
2016-07-08net/bnx2x: add xstatsRasesh Mody
2016-07-08net/qede: add xstatsRasesh Mody
2016-07-08doc: update Linux guide for i40e firmware versionIan Stokes
2016-07-10igb_uio: fix possible mmap failure with Linux 4.5Ferruh Yigit
2016-07-10crypto/kasumi: restrict cipher bit-level operationsPablo de Lara
2016-07-08doc: fix syntax in pmdinfogen guideThomas Monjalon
2016-07-08mk: remove traces of hostapp build directoryThomas Monjalon
2016-07-06doc: add prog guide section documenting pmdinfo scriptNeil Horman
2016-06-30doc: update vhost guideYuanhan Liu
2016-07-01ethdev: remove redundant id field in xstats name lookupRemy Horton
2016-07-01mempool: rename functions with confusing namesBruce Richardson
2016-06-30mempool: allow user-owned cacheLazaros Koromilas