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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-05config: make backtrace optionalWei Dai
2017-04-30config: make AVX and AVX512 configurableZhihong Wang
2017-04-30config: set cache line as 128B for generic arm64Jerin Jacob
2017-04-20crypto/dpaa2_sec: introduce poll mode driverAkhil Goyal
2017-04-19config: add configuration for toggling physical addressingHemant Agrawal
2017-04-19net/dpaa2: support debug logHemant Agrawal
2017-04-19net/dpaa2: introduce NXP DPAA2 driverHemant Agrawal
2017-04-19mempool/dpaa2: add hardware offloaded mempoolHemant Agrawal
2017-04-19bus/fslmc: introduce fsl-mc bus driverHemant Agrawal
2017-04-19net/ixgbe: remove option to disable offload flagsKonstantin Ananyev
2017-04-19net/i40e: remove option to disable offload flagsBruce Richardson
2017-04-19config: enable AVP driver only on x86 64-bitAllain Legacy
2017-04-19net/ark: stub PMD for Atomic Rules ArkvilleEd Czeck
2017-04-06config: enable crypto scheduler PMD by defaultBruce Richardson
2017-04-05latency: added new library for latency statsReshma Pattan
2017-04-05bitrate: add bitrate statistics libraryRemy Horton
2017-04-05metrics: add information metrics libraryRemy Horton
2017-04-05net/i40e: use dynamic log type for control logsOlivier Matz
2017-04-04event/octeontx: add build and log infrastructureJerin Jacob
2017-04-04event/sw: add new software-only eventdev driverBruce Richardson
2017-04-04event/skeleton: add skeleton eventdev driverJerin Jacob
2017-04-04eventdev: implement the northbound APIsJerin Jacob
2017-04-04net/avp: support driver registrationAllain Legacy
2017-04-04net/avp: add debug log macrosAllain Legacy
2017-04-04net/avp: add base filesAllain Legacy
2017-04-04net/liquidio: add logShijith Thotton
2017-04-04net/liquidio: add skeletonShijith Thotton
2017-04-04config: enable thunderx nicvfJerin Jacob
2017-04-04net/i40e: implement vector PMD for altivecGowrishankar Muthukrishnan
2017-04-04net/kni: add KNI PMDFerruh Yigit
2017-04-03mempool: move stack handler as a driverShreyansh Jain
2017-04-03mempool: move ring handler as a driverShreyansh Jain
2017-03-29ring: remove the yield when waiting for tail updateBruce Richardson
2017-03-29ring: remove debug settingBruce Richardson
2017-03-29ring: remove split cacheline build settingBruce Richardson
2017-03-16mk: provide option to set major ABI versionChristian Ehrhardt
2017-03-15remove unmaintained TILE-Gx architectureThomas Monjalon
2017-02-27tile: fix buildChris Metcalf
2017-02-21kni: remove KNI vhost supportFerruh Yigit
2017-01-30net/sfc: enable TSO by defaultAndrew Rybchenko
2017-01-30app/crypto-perf: introduce performance test applicationSlawomir Mrozowicz
2017-01-30crypto/scheduler: enable compilationFan Zhang
2017-01-29config: disable KNI ethtool by defaultFerruh Yigit
2017-01-29kni: add build option for ethtool supportFerruh Yigit
2017-01-19crypto/armv8: add PMD optimized for ARMv8 processorsZbigniew Bodek
2017-01-18efd: new Elastic Flow Distributor libraryPablo de Lara
2017-01-18config: enable nfp driver on LinuxAlejandro Lucero
2017-01-17net/mlx5: support ConnectX-5 devicesYongseok Koh
2017-01-17net/qede: add 50G device PCI idRasesh Mody
2017-01-17net/sfc: support firmware-assisted TSOIvan Malov