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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-10app: fix configuration of pause frames in testpmdZijie Pan
2013-05-06app: fix refcnt in mbuf allocationDongsu Han
2013-03-21app: fix autotest summary in error casesThomas Monjalon
2013-03-21app: fix config crash in testpmdDamien Millescamps
2013-03-21app: fix testpmd compliance with __rte_mbuf_sanity_check()Ivan Boule
2013-03-21app: use (void)variable when unusedOlivier Matz
2013-03-21app: fix unused valuesZijie Pan
2013-03-21app: fix volatile read for GCC >= 4.6Ivan Boule
2013-03-11first public releasev1.2.3r0Intel