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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-20doc: add NXP DPAA2 SECAkhil Goyal
2017-04-20crypto/dpaa2_sec: introduce poll mode driverAkhil Goyal
2017-04-20maintainers: update email addressThomas Monjalon
2017-04-20maintainers: update for ixgbeWenzhuo Lu
2017-04-20maintainers: update for enaMarcin Wojtas
2017-04-19doc: add DPAA2 NIC detailsHemant Agrawal
2017-04-19net/dpaa2: introduce NXP DPAA2 driverHemant Agrawal
2017-04-19mempool/dpaa2: add hardware offloaded mempoolHemant Agrawal
2017-04-19bus/fslmc: introduce fsl-mc bus driverHemant Agrawal
2017-04-19net/ark: stub PMD for Atomic Rules ArkvilleEd Czeck
2017-04-14test: remove PCI testsGaetan Rivet
2017-04-10maintainers: rename section for szedata2 driverMatej Vido
2017-04-06examples/dpdk-qat: remove appPablo de Lara
2017-04-06maintainers: handoff ownership of Tap PMDKeith Wiles
2017-04-06maintainers: update for vmxnet3Shrikrishna Khare
2017-04-05test: add CRC computationJasvinder Singh
2017-04-05net: add CRC computation APIJasvinder Singh
2017-04-05latency: added new library for latency statsReshma Pattan
2017-04-05bitrate: add bitrate statistics libraryRemy Horton
2017-04-05metrics: add information metrics libraryRemy Horton
2017-04-04doc: add OCTEONTX ssovf detailsJerin Jacob
2017-04-04maintainers: add eventdev section and claim SW PMDHarry van Haaren
2017-04-04test/eventdev: add unit testsJerin Jacob
2017-04-04event/skeleton: add skeleton eventdev driverJerin Jacob
2017-04-04eventdev: introduce event driven programming modelJerin Jacob
2017-04-04doc: add AVPAllain Legacy
2017-04-04net/avp: add base filesAllain Legacy
2017-04-04doc: add liquidioShijith Thotton
2017-04-04net/liquidio: add skeletonShijith Thotton
2017-04-04net/i40e: implement vector PMD for altivecGowrishankar Muthukrishnan
2017-04-04net/kni: add KNI PMDFerruh Yigit
2017-04-04test/cfgfile: add basic unit testsAllain Legacy
2017-04-03mempool: move stack handler as a driverShreyansh Jain
2017-04-03mempool: move ring handler as a driverShreyansh Jain
2017-03-29maintainers: add to distributor lib maintainersDavid Hunt
2017-03-27mk: optimize directory dependenciesOlivier Matz
2017-03-19maintainers: resign from eal maintenanceDavid Marchand
2017-03-15remove unmaintained TILE-Gx architectureThomas Monjalon
2017-02-28test: move unit tests to separate directoryFerruh Yigit
2017-02-21maintainers: fix script pathsThomas Monjalon
2017-02-17maintainers: claim responsibility for vhost and virtioMaxime Coquelin
2017-02-08maintainers: update email addressMatej Vido
2017-02-08maintainers: update mlx4/mlx5Adrien Mazarguil
2017-02-08maintainers: split virtio and vhostYuanhan Liu
2017-02-08maintainers: update for virtioYuanhan Liu
2017-01-30doc: describe new performance test applicationSlawomir Mrozowicz
2017-01-30app/crypto-perf: introduce performance test applicationSlawomir Mrozowicz
2017-01-30crypto/scheduler: add documentationFan Zhang
2017-01-30crypto/scheduler: add APIFan Zhang
2017-01-30examples/server_node_efd: renamed from flow_distributorPablo de Lara