AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-28version: 2.1.0-rc2v2.1.0-rc2Thomas Monjalon
2015-07-28doc: add a VXLAN sample guideJijiang Liu
2015-07-27doc: comment testpmd checksum optionJijiang Liu
2015-07-27doc: fix kni command lineBernard Iremonger
2015-07-27examples/l3fwd-power: enable one-shot Rx interrupt and polling switchCunming Liang
2015-07-27igb: enable Rx queue interrupts for PFCunming Liang
2015-07-27ixgbe: enable Rx queue interrupts for PF and VFCunming Liang
2015-07-27ethdev: add Rx interrupt control functionsCunming Liang
2015-07-27eal/linux: add interrupt API for driversCunming Liang
2015-07-27eal/linux: fix link status interrupt with uio_pci_genericCunming Liang
2015-07-27eal/linux: map eventfd to vfio MSI-X vectorCunming Liang
2015-07-27eal/linux: fix comments on vfio MSICunming Liang
2015-07-27eal/linux: add Rx interrupt control functionCunming Liang
2015-07-27eal/linux: add epoll wrappersCunming Liang
2015-07-27eal/linux: add interrupt vectorsCunming Liang
2015-07-27eal/bsd: fix inappropriate header guardsCunming Liang
2015-07-27doc: add bonding hotplug example in testpmd guideBernard Iremonger
2015-07-27app/testpmd: fix bonding startBernard Iremonger
2015-07-27bonding: free queue memory when closingBernard Iremonger
2015-07-27bonding: support port hotplugBernard Iremonger
2015-07-27examples/l3fwd: increase lookup burst size to 8Pablo de Lara
2015-07-27examples/ip_pipeline: fix cpu cores parsingMaciej Gajdzica
2015-07-27ixgbe: fix Rx queue resetKonstantin Ananyev
2015-07-27igb_uio: fix buildJan Viktorin
2015-07-27fm10k: expose Tx checksum capabilityChen Jing D(Mark)
2015-07-27config: fix ABI breakage in BSD buildThomas Monjalon
2015-07-27eal: fix tsc frequencySergio Gonzalez Monroy
2015-07-27ring: support port hotplugBernard Iremonger
2015-07-27bnx2x: enable PMD buildStephen Hemminger
2015-07-27bnx2x: driver support routinesStephen Hemminger
2015-07-27bnx2x: driver coreStephen Hemminger
2015-07-27eal: provide functions to access PCI configStephen Hemminger
2015-07-27eal: deduplicate memory initializationRavi Kerur
2015-07-27eal: deduplicate timer functionsRavi Kerur
2015-07-27eal: deduplicate lcore initializationRavi Kerur
2015-07-27eal: remove useless PCI id header inclusionsDavid Marchand
2015-07-27eal: remove dependency on driversDavid Marchand
2015-07-26mbuf: fix tunnel flags checkThomas Monjalon
2015-07-26mempool: fix trailer addressYuichi Nakai
2015-07-26ethdev: fix C linkage type of latest functionsKonstantin Ananyev
2015-07-26e1000: enable jumbo frame for 82583V deviceKlaus Degner
2015-07-26ixgbe: fix check for split packetsBruce Richardson
2015-07-26ixgbe: remove Rx bulk allocation optionPablo de Lara
2015-07-26ixgbe: remove awkward typecastsKonstantin Ananyev
2015-07-26ixgbe: rename Tx queue release functionKonstantin Ananyev
2015-07-26ixgbe: fix release queue mbufsKonstantin Ananyev
2015-07-26ixgbe: revert mbuf refcnt check when clearing a ringKonstantin Ananyev
2015-07-26ixgbe: fix comments on Rx queue fieldsKonstantin Ananyev
2015-07-23ixgbe: fix Rx error statsMaryam Tahhan
2015-07-22kni: remove needless castsStephen Hemminger