AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-29version: 18.11-rc1v18.11-rc1Thomas Monjalon
2018-10-29test/metrics: add unit tests for metrics libraryHari Kumar Vemula
2018-10-29test/pmd_ring: restructure and cleanupChaitanya Babu Talluri
2018-10-29test/timer: reduce duration for race condition caseJananee Parthasarathy
2018-10-29test: clean up on exitAnatoly Burakov
2018-10-29test: disable alarm autotest in FreeBSDPallantla Poornima
2018-10-29examples/service_cores: check cores before runVipin Varghese
2018-10-29examples/ipv4_multicast: enable multicast promiscuousWei Zhao
2018-10-29lib: reduce global variable usageFerruh Yigit
2018-10-29fix global variable issuesFerruh Yigit
2018-10-29drivers: prefix global variables with module nameFerruh Yigit
2018-10-29add missing static keyword to globalsFerruh Yigit
2018-10-29bus/pci: propagate probing error codesDarek Stojaczyk
2018-10-29vfio: fix interrupt unregister for hotplug notifierDarek Stojaczyk
2018-10-29vfio: share default container in multi-processDarek Stojaczyk
2018-10-29vfio: fix read of freed memory on getting container fdDarek Stojaczyk
2018-10-29vfio: cleanup getting group fdDariusz Stojaczyk
2018-10-29vfio: check if group fd is already openDariusz Stojaczyk
2018-10-29bus/pci: compare kernel driver instead of interrupt handlerAlejandro Lucero
2018-10-29net/virtio: fix PCI config error handlingBrian Russell
2018-10-29bus/pci: harmonize return value of config readLuca Boccassi
2018-10-29eal: force IOVA to a particular modeEric Zhang
2018-10-28eal: add --iova-mode optionSantosh Shukla
2018-10-28vfio: fix sPAPR IOMMU mappingTakeshi Yoshimura
2018-10-28net/nfp: support IOVA VA modeAlejandro Lucero
2018-10-28net/nfp: check hugepage IOVA based on DMA maskAlejandro Lucero
2018-10-28bus/pci: use IOVA DMA mask check when setting IOVA modeAlejandro Lucero
2018-10-28bus/pci: check IOMMU addressing limitation just onceAlejandro Lucero
2018-10-28mem: use address hint for mapping hugepagesAlejandro Lucero
2018-10-28mem: add function for checking memseg IOVAAlejandro Lucero
2018-10-28bus/vdev: fix devargs after multi-process bus scanQi Zhang
2018-10-28malloc: check size hint when reserving the biggest elementDarek Stojaczyk
2018-10-28eal/linux: fix memory leak of logidZiye Yang
2018-10-28ip_frag: fix overflow in key comparisonLi Han
2018-10-27doc: support building HTML guides with mesonBruce Richardson
2018-10-27build: add option to override drivers install directoryLuca Boccassi
2018-10-27build: change default driver installation directoryLuca Boccassi
2018-10-27net/vdev_netvsc: disable in FreeBSD build with mesonAgalya Babu RadhaKrishnan
2018-10-27net/tap: disable in FreeBSD build with mesonAgalya Babu RadhaKrishnan
2018-10-27net/softnic: disable in FreeBSD build with mesonAgalya Babu RadhaKrishnan
2018-10-27net/avp: disable in FreeBSD build with mesonAgalya Babu RadhaKrishnan
2018-10-27net/nfp: disable in FreeBSD build with mesonAgalya Babu RadhaKrishnan
2018-10-27vfio: disable in FreeBSD build with mesonAgalya Babu RadhaKrishnan
2018-10-27buildtools: fix build for some mktempFerruh Yigit
2018-10-27doc: add telemetry how-toCiara Power
2018-10-27usertools: add client script for telemetryCiara Power
2018-10-27build: add dependency on telemetry to apps with mesonKevin Laatz
2018-10-27telemetry: add ability to disable selftestCiara Power
2018-10-27telemetry: format json response when sending statsCiara Power
2018-10-27telemetry: update metrics before sending statsCiara Power