AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-14ethdev: fix port removal notification timingMatan Azrad
2018-05-14net/failsafe: fix sub-device ownership raceMatan Azrad
2018-05-14ethdev: fix port probing notificationThomas Monjalon
2018-05-14ethdev: fix port visibility before initializationThomas Monjalon
2018-05-14ethdev: add lock to port allocation checkMatan Azrad
2018-05-14ethdev: allow ownership operations on unused portMatan Azrad
2018-05-14ethdev: add probing finish functionThomas Monjalon
2018-05-14drivers/net: use higher level of probing helper for PCIThomas Monjalon
2018-05-14ethdev: add doxygen comments for each stateThomas Monjalon
2018-05-14net/failsafe: fix sub-device visibilityThomas Monjalon
2018-05-14ethdev: fix debug log of owner idThomas Monjalon
2018-05-14app/testpmd: add commands to test new offload APIWei Dai
2018-05-14net/i40e: print global register change infoBeilei Xing
2018-05-14net/sfc: fix inner TCP/UDP checksum offload controlAndrew Rybchenko
2018-05-14doc: add XXV710 support in i40e guideQiming Yang
2018-05-14net/enic: fix flow drop actionHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14net/e1000: report Tx multi segment offloadWei Dai
2018-05-14net/i40e: fix link status updateBeilei Xing
2018-05-14app/testpmd: fix device configure with zero queueQi Zhang
2018-05-14net/mlx5: add Multi-Packet Rx supportYongseok Koh
2018-05-14net/mlx5: add a function to rdma-core glueYongseok Koh
2018-05-14net/mlx5: separate filling Rx flagsYongseok Koh
2018-05-14net/mlx4: add new memory region supportYongseok Koh
2018-05-14net/mlx4: remove memory region supportYongseok Koh
2018-05-14net/mlx5: add new memory region supportYongseok Koh
2018-05-14net/mlx5: remove memory region supportYongseok Koh
2018-05-14ethdev: new Rx/Tx offloads APIWei Dai
2018-05-14net/mlx5: change device reference for secondary processYongseok Koh
2018-05-14net/mlx4: fix CRC stripping capability reportOphir Munk
2018-05-14ethdev: fix corrupted device info in configureFerruh Yigit
2018-05-14net/failsafe: fix probe cleanupRaslan Darawsheh
2018-05-14net/failsafe: advertise supported RSS functionsOphir Munk
2018-05-14net/dpaa: update optimal burst size in device infoShreyansh Jain
2018-05-14net/dpaa: fix max push mode queueShreyansh Jain
2018-05-14net/tap: report on supported RSS hash functionsOphir Munk
2018-05-14app/testpmd: fix weak RSS hash key for flowAdrien Mazarguil
2018-05-14app/testpmd: fix empty list of RSS queues for flowAdrien Mazarguil
2018-05-14net/bnxt: add NVM specific HWRM commandsAjit Khaparde
2018-05-14net/bnxt: add HWRM commands for more filtering supportAjit Khaparde
2018-05-14net/bnxt: add async event HWRM commandsAjit Khaparde
2018-05-14net/bnxt: update HWRM to version 1.9.2Ajit Khaparde
2018-05-14doc: remove mention of unreleased nics from enic guideJohn Daley
2018-05-14net/enic: update UDP RSS controlsHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14net/enic: fix RSS hash type advertisementHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14doc: update the enic guide and featuresHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14net/enic: set rte errno to positive valueJohn Daley
2018-05-14net/enic: fix the MTU handler to rely on max packet lengthHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14net/enic: enable RQ first and then post Rx buffersHyong Youb Kim
2018-05-14net/virtio-user: support memory hotplugMaxime Coquelin
2018-05-14vhost: retranslate vring addr when memory table changesMaxime Coquelin