AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-02version: 1.7.0-rc3v1.7.0-rc3Thomas Monjalon
2014-07-01app/test: fix and separate --vdev unit testPablo de Lara
2014-07-01app/test: remove writes in NULL buffer from cmdline testsPablo de Lara
2014-07-01app/test: fix build switches to enable cmdline testsThomas Monjalon
2014-07-01kni: fix build with kernel 3.16Aaro Koskinen
2014-07-01kni: fix build with min/max Tx rate configuration of igbvfAaro Koskinen
2014-07-01kni: fix build on RHEL 7Hiroshi Shimamoto
2014-07-01bond: testpmd supportDeclan Doherty
2014-07-01bond: unit testsDeclan Doherty
2014-07-01eal: support link bonding device initializationDeclan Doherty
2014-07-01ethdev: add unique name to devicesDeclan Doherty
2014-07-01bond: new link bonding libraryDeclan Doherty
2014-06-27version: 1.7.0-rc2v1.7.0-rc2Thomas Monjalon
2014-06-27tools: allow nic status query without igb_uioBruce richardson
2014-06-27tools: unbind ports that were erroneously boundAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-27app/testpmd: allow to set part of flow control parametersDavid Marchand
2014-06-27app/testpmd: move flow control parserDavid Marchand
2014-06-27app/testpmd: add missing autoneg field to set flow controlDavid Marchand
2014-06-27eal: fix invalid memory readAaron Campbell
2014-06-27eal: deprecate rte_snprintfStephen Hemminger
2014-06-27eal: fix usage of printf-like functionsBruce Richardson
2014-06-27mk: override HOSTCC when overriding CCBruce Richardson
2014-06-27acl: disable for bsdBruce Richardson
2014-06-27mem: fix build because of missing stdio.h for FILEHiroshi Shimamoto
2014-06-27ethdev: add link state interrupt flagStephen Hemminger
2014-06-27ethdev: read link state interrupt without link update serviceThomas Monjalon
2014-06-26examples/ip_reassembly: reduce memory usageAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-26examples/ip_frag: fix socket detectionAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-26examples/ip_frag: check for non-existent portsAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-26ip_frag: add config option to enable statisticsAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-26ip_frag: custom memmoveAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-26ip_frag: fix order of key compare argumentsAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-26ip_frag: fix debug macrosAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-26ip_frag: fix commentAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-26ip_frag: replace hardcoded value with a macroAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-26ip_frag: remove unneeded rte prefixesAnatoly Burakov
2014-06-26malloc: fix unit testsRobert Sanford
2014-06-26malloc: fix linear complexityRobert Sanford
2014-06-26app/testpmd: tune default parametersCunming Liang
2014-06-26app/testpmd: increase default burst size to 32Cunming Liang
2014-06-26ixgbe: prefer enabling olflags rather than not disablingCunming Liang
2014-06-26ixgbe: fix build with IEEE1588 enabledCunming Liang
2014-06-26ixgbe: fix build of standard Rx with vectorized TxCunming Liang
2014-06-26ixgbe: rework fix of media type for bypass devicePablo de Lara
2014-06-26i40e/base: ignore warningChen Jing D(Mark)
2014-06-26explicit shared code naming as base driverThomas Monjalon
2014-06-24app/testpmd: rework display of Rx descriptorsHelin Zhang
2014-06-24i40e: ignore failure when updating default macvlan filterHelin Zhang
2014-06-24i40e: disable double vlan by defaultHelin Zhang
2014-06-24i40e: fix updating hash lookup table of PF RSSHelin Zhang