AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-25lib: set version 1.3.1r1 and more helper macrosv1.3.1r1Thomas Monjalon
2013-07-25lib: fix some doxygen commentsThomas Monjalon
2013-07-25app/testpmd: fix configuration of pause framesZijie Pan
2013-07-25igb: workaround errata with wthresh on 82576Stephen Hemminger
2013-07-25ethdev: add support for device offload capabilitiesIvan Boule
2013-07-25pci: add flag to force unbind deviceDamien Millescamps
2013-07-25pci: fix probing blacklisted device with RTE_PCI_DRV_MULTIPLE flagJulien Courtat
2013-07-25mem: get physical address of any pointerDamien Millescamps
2013-07-25timer: option --vmware-tsc-map for VMware guestDamien Millescamps
2013-07-25timer: get TSC frequency from /proc/cpuinfoThomas Monjalon
2013-07-25timer: check TSC reliabilityIvan Boule
2013-07-25timer: optimize for empty caseStephen Hemminger
2013-07-25log: optimize log/panic with attribute coldStephen Hemminger
2013-07-25log: add ability to override syslog parametersStephen Hemminger
2013-07-25eal: load libraries before creating threadsDamien Millescamps
2013-07-25eal: add support for shared object driversDamien Millescamps
2013-07-25mk: rule helpThomas Monjalon
2013-07-25mk: add rule to list configsThomas Monjalon
2013-07-25doc: how to buildThomas Monjalon
2013-07-25mk: insert version number in doxygen configThomas Monjalon
2013-07-25mk: add rule to print version numberThomas Monjalon
2013-07-25doc: generate HTML for API with doxygenThomas Monjalon
2013-07-25mk: clean dead doc rulesThomas Monjalon
2013-07-25mk: factorize some rulesThomas Monjalon
2013-07-25mk: allow to build shared librariesDidier Pallard
2013-07-25set version to 1.3.1v1.3.1r0Intel
2013-07-25update copyright date to 2013Intel
2013-07-25examples: various changesIntel
2013-07-25app: various changesIntel
2013-07-25app: fix unused valuesZijie Pan
2013-07-25app: fix volatile read for GCC >= 4.6Ivan Boule
2013-07-25app/testpmd: fix compliance with __rte_mbuf_sanity_check()Ivan Boule
2013-07-25app/testpmd: fix config crashDamien Millescamps
2013-07-25lib: minor changesIntel
2013-07-25lib: fix non-C99 macros definitions in exported headersAdrien Mazarguil
2013-07-25lib: fix uninitialized valueZijie Pan
2013-07-25lib: fix uninitialized variablesZijie Pan
2013-07-25lib: fix unused valuesZijie Pan
2013-07-25kni: various changesIntel
2013-07-25kni: disable IGB_DCAIntel
2013-07-25kni: fix disablingIntel
2013-07-25kni: fix build with kernel < 2.6.34Ivan Boule
2013-07-25igb_uio: fix build with kernel >= 3.8Nicolas Dichtel
2013-07-25igb: fix RX for Springville (i210)Intel
2013-07-25pci: allow drivers to be bound several times to the same PCI deviceAdrien Mazarguil
2013-07-25mem: 64-bit mempool sizesIntel
2013-07-25mem: error if requesting more segments than MAX_MEMSEGIntel
2013-07-25config: increase MAX_MEMSEG from 32 to 256Intel
2013-07-25eal: fix access to huge page with high addressThomas Monjalon
2013-07-25eal: add bsf32Intel