AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-11version: 19.08.0v19.08releasesThomas Monjalon
2019-08-11doc: add guidelines for initial PMD submissionRami Rosen
2019-08-11examples/qos_meter: fix color type conversionJasvinder Singh
2019-08-10net/bnxt: revert fix traffic stall on stop/startLance Richardson
2019-08-10doc: announce ethdev ABI change for LRO fieldsMatan Azrad
2019-08-10doc: announce ethdev API changes in offload flagsPavan Nikhilesh
2019-08-10doc: announce removal of old port count functionThomas Monjalon
2019-08-10doc: announce ethdev functions will not return voidAndrew Rybchenko
2019-08-10doc: announce ethernet structures alignment changesStephen Hemminger
2019-08-08doc: announce lcore config struct removal from ABIDavid Marchand
2019-08-08doc: announce malloc virt2phys function removalDavid Marchand
2019-08-08doc: announce CPU flags check function removalDavid Marchand
2019-08-08usertools: fix input handling in telemetry scriptAndrius Sirvys
2019-08-08eal: increase maximum different hugepage sizes on ArmGagandeep Singh
2019-08-08net/ixgbe/base: fix product version checkCongwen Zhang
2019-08-07net/mlx5: fix completion request for multi-segmentViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-08doc: add limitation with mlx5 Tx inline settingsViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-07doc: update Tx inline settings in mlx5 guideViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-08test/mcslock: wait for lcore completionAaron Conole
2019-08-08app/testpmd: fix latency stats deinit on signalAmit Gupta
2019-08-07net/memif: fix build with gcc 9.1Jerin Jacob
2019-08-06version: 19.08-rc4v19.08-rc4Thomas Monjalon
2019-08-06doc: advise patching third party dependenciesJohn McNamara
2019-08-06doc: remove deprecated ethdev featuresThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06app/bbdev: fix bulk allocation checksNicolas Chautru
2019-08-06baseband/turbo_sw: remove dead codeNicolas Chautru
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix memory event callback listViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix RSS expand for IP-in-IPXiaoyu Min
2019-08-06doc: add more details about mlx5 offloadsThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06doc: add mlx5 design detailsThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06doc: remove useless console syntax in mlx guidesThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06doc: fix wording and formatting of mlx5 guideThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06doc: improve firmware configuration in mlx5 guideThomas Monjalon
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix UDP checksum zeroingDekel Peled
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix link speed info when link is downXiaoyu Min
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix completion queue overflow for large burstViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix packet size inline settingsViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix inline data settingsViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix completion queue drain loopViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix inline data length assertViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix default minimal data inlineViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix VLAN inner type matching on DR/DVXiaoyu Min
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix flow rule configurationDekel Peled
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix validation of VLAN PCP itemDekel Peled
2019-08-06net/mlx4: fix crash on info query in secondary processStephen Hemminger
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix Tx inline minimum for ConnectX-5David Christensen
2019-08-06net/mlx5: fix limit of direct rules tables numberDekel Peled
2019-08-06net/mlx5: add workaround for VLAN in virtual machineViacheslav Ovsiienko
2019-08-06net/fm10k: fix address of first segmentXiao Zhang
2019-08-06net/iavf: fix address of first segmentXiao Zhang