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Toggle compilation of librte_pmd_mlx4 itself.
+- ``CONFIG_RTE_LIBRTE_MLX4_DLOPEN_DEPS`` (default **n**)
+ Build PMD with additional code to make it loadable without hard
+ dependencies on **libibverbs** nor **libmlx4**, which may not be installed
+ on the target system.
+ In this mode, their presence is still required for it to run properly,
+ however their absence won't prevent a DPDK application from starting (with
+ ``CONFIG_RTE_BUILD_SHARED_LIB`` disabled) and they won't show up as
+ missing with ``ldd(1)``.
+ This option has no performance impact.
- ``CONFIG_RTE_LIBRTE_MLX4_DEBUG`` (default **n**)
Toggle debugging code and stricter compilation flags. Enabling this option