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authorSlawomir Mrozowicz <>2017-05-22 15:54:30 +0200
committerPablo de Lara <>2017-07-06 22:34:53 +0200
commita3277ad47feb3186ed33792a32ac4c28cb88904e (patch)
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parent7a364faef185578f5787cf14b4159739c2bae29e (diff)
cryptodev: remove crypto device driver name
Remove crypto device driver name string definitions from librte_cryptodev, which avoid to library changes every time a new crypto driver was added. The driver name is predefined internaly in the each PMD. The applications could use the crypto device driver names based on options with the driver name string provided in command line. Signed-off-by: Slawomir Mrozowicz <> Acked-by: Declan Doherty <>
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diff --git a/test/test/test_cryptodev.h b/test/test/test_cryptodev.h
index c1ddd17..4509a09 100644
--- a/test/test/test_cryptodev.h
+++ b/test/test/test_cryptodev.h
@@ -77,6 +77,18 @@
sizeof(struct rte_crypto_sym_op) + DEFAULT_NUM_XFORMS * \
sizeof(struct rte_crypto_sym_xform))
+#define CRYPTODEV_NAME_NULL_PMD crypto_null
+#define CRYPTODEV_NAME_AESNI_MB_PMD crypto_aesni_mb
+#define CRYPTODEV_NAME_AESNI_GCM_PMD crypto_aesni_gcm
+#define CRYPTODEV_NAME_OPENSSL_PMD crypto_openssl
+#define CRYPTODEV_NAME_QAT_SYM_PMD crypto_qat
+#define CRYPTODEV_NAME_SNOW3G_PMD crypto_snow3g
+#define CRYPTODEV_NAME_KASUMI_PMD crypto_kasumi
+#define CRYPTODEV_NAME_ZUC_PMD crypto_zuc
+#define CRYPTODEV_NAME_ARMV8_PMD crypto_armv8
+#define CRYPTODEV_NAME_DPAA2_SEC_PMD crypto_dpaa2_sec
+#define CRYPTODEV_NAME_SCHEDULER_PMD crypto_scheduler
* Write (spread) data from buffer to mbuf data