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authorAdrien Mazarguil <>2018-04-25 17:27:50 +0200
committerFerruh Yigit <>2018-04-27 18:00:53 +0100
commitac8d22de2394e03ba4a77d8fd24381147aafb1d3 (patch)
treeee5de385eb8c1e5e3677b2b7a4eeea63755de9f6 /drivers/net/mlx4/mlx4.c
parent19b3bc47c624296002a6b0c18b97afa423c082d7 (diff)
ethdev: flatten RSS configuration in flow API
Since its inception, the rte_flow RSS action has been relying in part on external struct rte_eth_rss_conf for compatibility with the legacy RSS API. This structure lacks parameters such as the hash algorithm to use, and more recently, a method to tell which layer RSS should be performed on [1]. Given struct rte_eth_rss_conf will never be flexible enough to represent a complete RSS configuration (e.g. RETA table), this patch supersedes it by extending the rte_flow RSS action directly. A subsequent patch will add a field to use a non-default RSS hash algorithm. To that end, a field named "types" replaces the field formerly known as "rss_hf" and standing for "RSS hash functions" as it was confusing. Actual RSS hash function types are defined by enum rte_eth_hash_function. This patch updates all PMDs and example applications accordingly. It breaks ABI compatibility for the following public functions: - rte_flow_copy() - rte_flow_create() - rte_flow_query() - rte_flow_validate() [1] commit 676b605182a5 ("doc: announce ethdev API change for RSS configuration") Signed-off-by: Adrien Mazarguil <> Acked-by: Andrew Rybchenko <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/net/mlx4/mlx4.c b/drivers/net/mlx4/mlx4.c
index 06f1770..970d20d 100644
--- a/drivers/net/mlx4/mlx4.c
+++ b/drivers/net/mlx4/mlx4.c
@@ -569,7 +569,7 @@ mlx4_pci_probe(struct rte_pci_driver *pci_drv, struct rte_pci_device *pci_dev)
" for UDP RSS and inner VXLAN RSS");
/* Fake support for all possible RSS hash fields. */
priv->hw_rss_sup = ~UINT64_C(0);
- priv->hw_rss_sup = mlx4_conv_rss_hf(priv, -1);
+ priv->hw_rss_sup = mlx4_conv_rss_types(priv, -1);
/* Filter out known unsupported fields. */
priv->hw_rss_sup &=
~(uint64_t)(IBV_RX_HASH_SRC_PORT_UDP |