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mk: provide option to set major ABI version
Downstreams might want to provide different DPDK releases at the same time to support multiple consumers of DPDK linked against older and newer sonames. Also due to the interdependencies that DPDK libraries can have applications might end up with an executable space in which multiple versions of a library are mapped by Think of LibA that got an ABI bump and LibB that did not get an ABI bump but is depending on LibA. Application \-> LibA.old \-> -> That is a conflict which can be avoided by setting CONFIG_RTE_MAJOR_ABI. If set CONFIG_RTE_MAJOR_ABI overwrites any LIBABIVER value. An example might be ``CONFIG_RTE_MAJOR_ABI=16.11`` which will make all libraries librte<?>.so.16.11 instead of librte<?>.so.<LIBABIVER>. We need to cut arbitrary long stings after the .so now and this would work for any ABI version in LIBABIVER: $(Q)ln -s -f $< $(patsubst %.$(LIBABIVER),%,$@) But using the following instead additionally allows to simplify the Make File for the CONFIG_RTE_NEXT_ABI case. $(Q)ln -s -f $< $(shell echo $@ | sed 's/\.so.*/.so/') Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <> Reviewed-by: Jan Blunck <> Tested-by: Jan Blunck <>
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+# Major ABI to overwrite library specific LIBABIVER
# Machine's cache line size