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jobstats: new library
This library provide API to measure time spend in particular parts of code and to calculate optimal polling time. To calculate a those statistics application code need to be divided into parts (called jobs) that do something. It is up to application to decide what is considered a job. Series of jobs must be surrounded with the rte_jobstats_context_start() and rte_jobstats_context_finish() calls. After that, jobs might be started. Each job must be surrounded with rte_jobstats_start() and rte_jobstats_finish() calls. After job finishes its execution, period in which it should be called again is adjusted. It might be used to minimize time wasted on unnecessary polls/calls. Adjustment is based on data provided by job itself (ex: number of packets it processed). After all jobs in serie are executed fallowing statistics are updated and might be used by application. Statistics can be reset. Some of provided statistic data: - total/min/max execution - time spent in executing jobs. - total/min/max management - time spent outside execution area. This value might be used to measure overhead of scheduling jobs. This time also contains overhead of rte_jobstats library itself. - number of loops that executed at least one job - executed jobs - time when statistics were reset. Each job provide total/min/max execution time and execution count statistics. Signed-off-by: Pawel Wodkowski <> Acked-by: Pablo de Lara <>
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+# Compile librte_jobstats
# Compile librte_lpm