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pmdinfogen: add buildtools and pmdinfogen utility
pmdinfogen is a tool used to parse object files and build json strings for use in later determining hardware support in a dso or application binary. pmdinfo looks for the non-exported symbol names this_pmd_name<n> and this_pmd_tbl<n> (where n is a integer counter). It records the name of each of these tuples, using the later to find the symbolic name of the pci_table for physical devices that the object supports. With this information, it outputs a C file with a single line of the form: static char *<pmd_name>_driver_info[] __attribute__((used)) = " \ PMD_DRIVER_INFO=<json string>"; Where <pmd_name> is the arbitrary name of the pmd, and <json_string> is the json encoded string that hold relevant pmd information, including the pmd name, type and optional array of pci device/vendor ids that the driver supports. This c file is suitable for compiling to object code, then relocatably linking into the parent file from which the C was generated. This creates an entry in the string table of the object that can inform a later tool about hardware support. Signed-off-by: Neil Horman <> Acked-by: Panu Matilainen <> Acked-by: Remy Horton <>
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@@ -40,6 +40,6 @@ export RTE_SDK
# directory list
-ROOTDIRS-y := lib drivers app
+ROOTDIRS-y := buildtools lib drivers app
include $(RTE_SDK)/mk/