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doc: announce API changes for crypto sessions
API changes are planned for 17.08 to made sessions agnostic to the underlaying devices, removing coupling with crypto PMDs, so a single session can be used on multiple devices. It requires to change "struct rte_cryptodev_sym_session" to store more than one private data for devices, as well as remove redundant dev_id and dev_type. Effected public functions: - rte_cryptodev_sym_session_pool_create - rte_cryptodev_sym_session_create - rte_cryptodev_sym_session_free While session will not be directly associated with device, followed API will be changed adding uint8_t dev_id to the argument list: - rte_cryptodev_queue_pair_attach_sym_session - rte_cryptodev_queue_pair_detach_sym_session Signed-off-by: Tomasz Kulasek <> Acked-by: Declan Doherty <> Acked-by: Pablo de Lara <> Acked-by: Fiona Trahe <> Acked-by: Akhil Goyal <>
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@@ -92,6 +92,27 @@ Deprecation Notices
- the function ``rte_cryptodev_count_devtype`` will be replaced by
+* cryptodev: API changes are planned for 17.08 for the sessions management
+ to make it agnostic to the underlying devices, removing coupling with
+ crypto PMDs, so a single session can be used on multiple devices.
+ - ``struct rte_cryptodev_sym_session``, dev_id, dev_type will be removed,
+ _private field changed to the indirect array of private data pointers of
+ all supported devices
+ An API of followed functions will be changed to allow operate on multiple
+ devices with one session:
+ - ``rte_cryptodev_sym_session_create``
+ - ``rte_cryptodev_sym_session_free``
+ - ``rte_cryptodev_sym_session_pool_create``
+ While dev_id will not be stored in the ``struct rte_cryptodev_sym_session``,
+ directly, the change of followed API is required:
+ - ``rte_cryptodev_queue_pair_attach_sym_session``
+ - ``rte_cryptodev_queue_pair_detach_sym_session``
* crypto/scheduler: the following two functions are deprecated starting
from 17.05 and will be removed in 17.08: