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doc: announce parameter change of a service API function
rte_service_attr_get() is passed a uint32_t * to retrieve an attribute value, this will be changed to uin64_t * as per patch posted at Signed-off-by: Nikhil Rao <> Acked-by: Harry van Haaren <> Acked-by: Kevin Traynor <> Acked-by: Andrew Rybchenko <> Acked-by: David Marchand <>
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diff --git a/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst b/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst
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@@ -20,6 +20,10 @@ Deprecation Notices
* kvargs: The function ``rte_kvargs_process`` will get a new parameter
for returning key match count. It will ease handling of no-match case.
+* eal: The ``attr_value`` parameter of ``rte_service_attr_get()``
+ will be changed from ``uint32_t *`` to ``uint64_t *``
+ as the attributes are of type ``uint64_t``.
* eal: both declaring and identifying devices will be streamlined in v18.11.
New functions will appear to query a specific port from buses, classes of
device and device drivers. Device declaration will be made coherent with the