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doc: announce API and ABI changes for bus in EAL
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has exposed, like the way we have done with uio-pci-generic. This change
targets release 17.02.
+* ABI/API changes are planned for 17.02: ``rte_device``, ``rte_driver`` will be
+ impacted because of introduction of a new ``rte_bus`` hierarchy. This would
+ also impact the way devices are identified by EAL. A bus-device-driver model
+ will be introduced providing a hierarchical view of devices.
+* ``eth_driver`` is planned to be removed in 17.02. This currently serves as
+ a placeholder for PMDs to register themselves. Changes for ``rte_bus`` will
+ provide a way to handle device initialization currently being done in
+ ``eth_driver``.
* In 17.02 ABI changes are planned: the ``rte_eth_dev`` structure will be
extended with new function pointer ``tx_pkt_prepare`` allowing verification
and processing of packet burst to meet HW specific requirements before