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doc: remove outdated deprecation notices
Some VFIO functions have been exported without any rename, thus no breakage. The struct eth_driver has been removed, but rte_pci_driver is still used in rte_cryptodev_driver. Fixes: a016873eb3c2 ("vfio: export utility functions in map file") Fixes: 9dca21fb80b6 ("ethdev: remove ethdev driver") Signed-off-by: Thomas Monjalon <>
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@@ -28,19 +28,10 @@ Deprecation Notices
has exposed, like the way we have done with uio-pci-generic. This change
targets release 17.05.
-* vfio: Some functions are planned to be exported outside librte_eal in 17.05.
- VFIO APIs like ``vfio_setup_device``, ``vfio_get_group_fd`` can be used by
- subsystem other than EAL/PCI. For that, these need to be exported symbols.
- Such APIs are planned to be renamed according to ``rte_*`` naming convention
- and exported from librte_eal.
* The VDEV subsystem will be converted as driver of the new bus model.
It will imply some EAL API changes in 17.05.
-* ``eth_driver`` is planned to be removed in 17.05. This currently serves as
- a placeholder for PMDs to register themselves. Changes for ``rte_bus`` will
- provide a way to handle device initialization currently being done in
- ``eth_driver``. Similarly, ``rte_pci_driver`` is planned to be removed from
+* The struct ``rte_pci_driver`` is planned to be removed from
``rte_cryptodev_driver`` in 17.05.
* ethdev: An API change is planned for 17.08 for the function