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doc: announce API changes for mempool
An API/ABI change is planned for 17.11 to change following * Remove unused flag param from rte_mempool_generic_get and _put. * Change data type for mempool 'flag' from int to unsigned int. Refer [1]. * Add struct rte_mempool * param into func rte_mempool_xmem_size, rte_mempool_xmem_usage to make it mempool aware. Refer [2]. [1] [2] Signed-off-by: Santosh Shukla <> Acked-by: Jerin Jacob <> Acked-by: Olivier Matz <>
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diff --git a/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst b/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst
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@@ -44,6 +44,15 @@ Deprecation Notices
PKT_RX_QINQ_STRIPPED, that are better described. The old flags and
their behavior will be kept until 17.08 and will be removed in 17.11.
+* mempool: The following will be modified in 17.11:
+ - ``rte_mempool_xmem_size`` and ``rte_mempool_xmem_usage`` need to know
+ the mempool flag status so adding new param rte_mempool in those API.
+ - Removing __rte_unused int flag param from ``rte_mempool_generic_put``
+ and ``rte_mempool_generic_get`` API.
+ - ``rte_mempool`` flags data type will changed from int to
+ unsigned int.
* ethdev: Tx offloads will no longer be enabled by default in 17.11.
Instead, the ``rte_eth_txmode`` structure will be extended with
bit field to enable each Tx offload.