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doc: remove unnecessary deprecation notice
The original purpose of this deprecation is to make sure PCI devices are reset whenever DPDK apps crash. Since the commit b58eedfc7dd5 from Shijith can fix this problem without deprecating anything, now there is no need to deprecate iomem and ioport mapping in igb_uio. Fixes: 3bac1dbc1ed5 ("doc: announce iomem and ioport removal from igb_uio") Signed-off-by: Jianfeng Tan <> Acked-by: John McNamara <>
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diff --git a/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst b/doc/guides/rel_notes/deprecation.rst
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@@ -23,11 +23,6 @@ Deprecation Notices
Accompanying this evolution, device command line parameters will thus support
explicit bus definition in a device declaration.
-* igb_uio: iomem mapping and sysfs files created for iomem and ioport in
- igb_uio will be removed, because we are able to detect these from what Linux
- has exposed, like the way we have done with uio-pci-generic. This change
- targets release 17.05.
* The VDEV subsystem will be converted as driver of the new bus model.
It may imply some EAL API changes in 17.08.