BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterbuild: print out dependency names for clarityBruce Richardson85 min.
releasesversion: 19.08.0Thomas Monjalon2 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  dpdk-19.08.tar.gz  dpdk-19.08.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon2 months  dpdk-19.08-rc4.tar.gz  dpdk-19.08-rc4.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon3 months  dpdk-19.08-rc3.tar.gz  dpdk-19.08-rc3.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon3 months  dpdk-19.08-rc2.tar.gz  dpdk-19.08-rc2.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon3 months  dpdk-19.08-rc1.tar.gz  dpdk-19.08-rc1.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon4 months  dpdk-19.05.tar.gz  dpdk-19.05.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon5 months  dpdk-19.05-rc4.tar.gz  dpdk-19.05-rc4.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon5 months  dpdk-19.05-rc3.tar.gz  dpdk-19.05-rc3.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon6 months  dpdk-19.05-rc2.tar.gz  dpdk-19.05-rc2.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon6 months  dpdk-19.05-rc1.tar.gz  dpdk-19.05-rc1.tar.xz  Thomas Monjalon7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-05-05version: 19.05-rc3v19.05-rc3Thomas Monjalon
2019-05-05doc: update release notes for Windows supportPallavi Kadam
2019-05-05doc: update release notes for new armv8 targetsJerin Jacob
2019-05-05doc: add guide for debug and troubleshootVipin Varghese
2019-05-05doc: add pictures for debug and troubleshoot guideVipin Varghese
2019-05-04doc: fix broken link in LPM guideHerakliusz Lipiec
2019-05-04hash: fix doc about thread/process safetyYipeng Wang
2019-05-04eventdev: update references to removed functionErik Gabriel Carrillo
2019-05-04test: load test symbols from binary at initDavid Marchand
2019-05-04test: clean remaining trace of devargs autotestDavid Marchand