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2019-06-28Merge branch 'wip-doc'HEADmasterJonathan Ribas
2019-06-28fix spellingwip-docJonathan Ribas
2019-06-28Tag version 1.1.1v1.1.1Jonathan Ribas
2019-06-28Merge branch 'wip-doc'Jonathan Ribas
2019-06-28Fill the contribute sectionJonathan Ribas
2019-06-27Fix: remove configure warningJonathan Ribas
2019-06-07Fix to let user specify custom CFLAGS/LDFLAGS.Jonathan Ribas
2019-06-07Add a User Guide first versionJonathan Ribas
2019-05-31Quick start guide documentation.Jonathan Ribas
2019-05-31First step of a propre documentation.. The introduction and contact pages ↵Jonathan Ribas
looks fine. Now I have to revamp/fill the other pages (on going:).
2019-05-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wip-big-mempool-allocation':v1.1.0Jonathan Ribas
- Update the memory allocation: do not try to calculate/specify anymore the wanted number of mbufs to burst a pcap. Now they will be allocated dynamically by taking the needed memory directly onto the available hugepages. - As a result, big pcap files can now be addressed normally (without the initial fail of mempool creation). - Fix: pcap with too few packets makes rte_mempool_create to fail. Fixed by increasing the wanted number of mbufs, even if not used. - Add an error message if you try to allocate more memory than RTE_MAX_MEM_MB_PER_LIST (on rte_mempool_creation failure). Tested with DPDK 16.11.9/17.11.5/18.11.1.
2019-05-03Remove the dirty and temporary --increase-hugepages-nb cmdline option (which ↵wip-big-mempool-allocationJonathan Ribas
is not needed anymore).
2019-05-03Simplify the mempool/mbuf allocation. Removing the unneeded "--socket-mem" ↵Jonathan Ribas
arg from EAL cmdline. Tested with DPDK 16.11.9/17.11.5/18.11.1.
2019-05-03Fix compilation on 16.11Jonathan Ribas
2019-04-19Fix compilation if DPDK < 18.05.Jonathan Ribas
2019-04-19Make it works for big pcap files with DPDK >= 18.05.Jonathan Ribas
Add also an error message if you try to allocate more memory than RTE_MAX_MEM_MB_PER_LIST.
2019-04-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wip-big-mempool-allocationJonathan Ribas
2019-04-11Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wip-18.11'Jonathan Ribas
Add support of DPDK-18.11.
2019-04-11use the macro for API version checkwip-18.11Jonathan Ribas
2019-04-11Working on the DPDK 18.11 integration.Jonathan Ribas
First patch to fix compilation issues (and simplifying rxmode config..)
2019-04-11Add a macro to facilitate the support of different API versions.Jonathan Ribas
2019-04-11Add support for DPDK 16.11 (by using the correct API func to set the global ↵Jonathan Ribas
log level depending on the version).
2019-04-10Fix: pcap with too few packets makes rte_mempool_create to fail.Jonathan Ribas
Fixed by increasing the wanted number of mbufs, even if not used.
2019-02-12Minor changes related to bug #203 discussion.Jonathan Ribas
2019-02-02Makes the --numacore option more understandable on usage output.Jonathan Ribas
2019-02-01FIX: https// Ribas
Error on static Makefile, -lpcap is not needed.
2019-01-30Do not calculate anymore the needed number of mbufs respecting the DPDK ↵Jonathan Ribas
suggestion [1]. This will reduce (sometimes drastically) the memory needed. [1]: "The optimum size (in terms of memory usage) for a mempool is when n is a power of two minus one":
2019-01-30Add a temporary --increase-hugepages-nb option to supply more hugepages for ↵Jonathan Ribas
mempool creation if eneded. (+ code cleanup)
2019-01-25Start a debug branch to understand why a big mempool allocation can fail, evenJonathan Ribas
if there is enough hugepages to handle it.
2019-01-25Add an "--wait-enter" option, to wait that the user press ENTER to startJonathan Ribas
sending packets (which was default behavior). Now, by default we do not wait the ENTER to be pressed (should facilitate scripting..).
2019-01-25Remove uneeded sphinx github modulev1.0.0Jonathan Ribas
2019-01-25update docs to remove makefile warningsJonathan Ribas
2019-01-18Update logs (makes the non-debug build less verbose)Jonathan Ribas
2019-01-18Improve src makefileJonathan Ribas
2019-01-18Add an empty 'all' rule on the docs Makefile (to avoid ton errors on root ↵Jonathan Ribas
make all)
2019-01-07Doc: grab the version from the configure.acJonathan Ribas
2019-01-07fix: add Fraudbuster to doc copyrightsJonathan Ribas
2019-01-07Put in place RST documentations and a "make html" rule to generate them in ↵Jonathan Ribas
docs/build/html/. NB: Needs python-sphinx and python-sphinx_rtd_theme to work.
2018-12-13Fix memory calculation for big pcap files.Jonathan Ribas
2018-12-13Did not exit anymore when the pcap file is truncated.Jonathan Ribas
2018-11-23Update license headers to use SPDX tagsJonathan Ribas
2018-11-05Add a static DPDK Makefile, to use RTE_SDK/RTE_TARGET vars to compile ↵Jonathan Ribas
exactly what you want (to be improved for installation part..).
2018-11-05Move include to src dir and do not use config.h anymore.Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Adding .gitignore.Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Fix compilation again.. (TODO: validate with other toolchains)Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Add an idea to the TODO list: make a python module to facilitate the tool ↵Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Remove x86 mssse3 flag for compilation issue on other archJonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Publish project files.Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Initial commitleowauters