AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-01-26Implement a first, simple, tx func which respect the packets timestamps. To ↵wip-respect-timersJonathan Ribas
be validated.
2019-01-26Add the pcap timestamps to the threads ctx, duplicate the tx_thread func toJonathan Ribas
have two different implementations (one for topspeed, and one to respect timers).
2019-01-26When loading the pcap, store the retrieved packets timestamp.Jonathan Ribas
2019-01-26Start a branch to add the possibility to replay pcap by respecting its ↵Jonathan Ribas
packets timestamps. First, add a --topspeed option (like tcpreplay) to replay the pcap like how it's already implemented. If we do not put this new options, pcap will have to be send by respecting timers.
2019-01-25Add an "--wait-enter" option, to wait that the user press ENTER to startJonathan Ribas
sending packets (which was default behavior). Now, by default we do not wait the ENTER to be pressed (should facilitate scripting..).
2019-01-25Remove uneeded sphinx github modulev1.0.0Jonathan Ribas
2019-01-25update docs to remove makefile warningsJonathan Ribas
2019-01-18Update logs (makes the non-debug build less verbose)Jonathan Ribas
2019-01-18Improve src makefileJonathan Ribas
2019-01-18Add an empty 'all' rule on the docs Makefile (to avoid ton errors on root ↵Jonathan Ribas
make all)
2019-01-07Doc: grab the version from the configure.acJonathan Ribas
2019-01-07fix: add Fraudbuster to doc copyrightsJonathan Ribas
2019-01-07Put in place RST documentations and a "make html" rule to generate them in ↵Jonathan Ribas
docs/build/html/. NB: Needs python-sphinx and python-sphinx_rtd_theme to work.
2018-12-13Fix memory calculation for big pcap files.Jonathan Ribas
2018-12-13Did not exit anymore when the pcap file is truncated.Jonathan Ribas
2018-11-23Update license headers to use SPDX tagsJonathan Ribas
2018-11-05Add a static DPDK Makefile, to use RTE_SDK/RTE_TARGET vars to compile ↵Jonathan Ribas
exactly what you want (to be improved for installation part..).
2018-11-05Move include to src dir and do not use config.h anymore.Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Adding .gitignore.Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Fix compilation again.. (TODO: validate with other toolchains)Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Add an idea to the TODO list: make a python module to facilitate the tool ↵Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Remove x86 mssse3 flag for compilation issue on other archJonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Publish project files.Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Initial commitleowauters