AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-26Implement a first, simple, tx func which respect the packets timestamps. To b...wip-respect-timersJonathan Ribas
2019-01-26Add the pcap timestamps to the threads ctx, duplicate the tx_thread func toJonathan Ribas
2019-01-26When loading the pcap, store the retrieved packets timestamp.Jonathan Ribas
2019-01-26Start a branch to add the possibility to replay pcap by respecting its packet...Jonathan Ribas
2019-01-25Add an "--wait-enter" option, to wait that the user press ENTER to startJonathan Ribas
2019-01-25Remove uneeded sphinx github modulev1.0.0Jonathan Ribas
2019-01-25update docs to remove makefile warningsJonathan Ribas
2019-01-18Update logs (makes the non-debug build less verbose)Jonathan Ribas
2019-01-18Improve src makefileJonathan Ribas
2019-01-18Add an empty 'all' rule on the docs Makefile (to avoid ton errors on root mak...Jonathan Ribas
2019-01-07Doc: grab the version from the configure.acJonathan Ribas
2019-01-07fix: add Fraudbuster to doc copyrightsJonathan Ribas
2019-01-07Put in place RST documentations and a "make html" rule to generate them in do...Jonathan Ribas
2018-12-13Fix memory calculation for big pcap files.Jonathan Ribas
2018-12-13Did not exit anymore when the pcap file is truncated.Jonathan Ribas
2018-11-23Update license headers to use SPDX tagsJonathan Ribas
2018-11-05Add a static DPDK Makefile, to use RTE_SDK/RTE_TARGET vars to compile exactly...Jonathan Ribas
2018-11-05Move include to src dir and do not use config.h anymore.Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Adding .gitignore.Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Fix compilation again.. (TODO: validate with other toolchains)Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Add an idea to the TODO list: make a python module to facilitate the tool scr...Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Remove x86 mssse3 flag for compilation issue on other archJonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Publish project files.Jonathan Ribas
2018-10-26Initial commitleowauters